App Development

We’re six months into 2016 and one thing’s abundantly clear: This is the Age of the App. We quickly grow to love quality apps that prove their usefulness.

Even though we’re only halfway through this year, we thought we’d report on the apps that are now innovating our lives and enriching our experiences.

So here are ten fantastic apps – many of them new or recent, and most of them free – that we’ve been enjoying lately. Each one of them is an example of the intense creativity that now drives app development:

Pause app
How could an app so simple be so rewarding? Try Pause and find out!
App: Pause
Maker: ustwo Fampany Limited & PauseAble
Price: $1.99 in the App Store
What It Does: Explaining Pause can be a little tricky. What’s the best way to describe a tactile, meditative, ambient app in which the main activity involves pushing a small, dark blob around a screen? We have to admit that using Pause is oddly soothing and can produce a restorative effect – like you’ve just had a good nap.

Bonjournal example
Bonjournal showcases timeless adventures, like user Narlap’s 2015 excursion to Mt. Everest.
App: Bonjournal
Maker: Bonjournal LLC
Price: Free in the App Store
What It Does: People have gotten a lot more elaborate in recent years when it comes to preserving their vacation memories. And here comes Bonjournal, taking that concept even further. With Bonjournal, you can take your photos and self-written text and turn your travel memories into what resembles layouts from a classy travel magazine.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
You design ’em, you build ’em and you ride ’em! Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 is pure summer sim pleasure.
App: RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3
Maker: Frontier Developments Limited
Price: $4.99 in the App Store
What It Does: A classic game series on the PC, now ported over brilliantly for play on iPhone and iPad, RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3 puts you in charge of designing and operating killer-diller roller coasters. And once you build them, you can ride them all you want – with no long summer waiting lines! Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 is one sim that earns its stripes as a really fun game.

IMDB Movies app
What was Robert DeNiro’s first movie? The IMDB Movies app reveals it was 1965’s The Nephew.
App: IMDb Movies
Maker: IMDb Mobile, LLC
Price: Free in the App Store, at Google Play and at the Appstore for Android
What It Does: Settle (most) entertainment trivia disputes forever with the IMDb Movies app, which ports over the Internet Movie Database – the most complete depository of facts and figures yet collected about film production and video production. Smoothly designed and endlessly addictive (Try limiting yourself to just one query…and good luck with that.)

Dark Sky app
A weather warning for right where you’re standing. The Dark Sky app redefines “local forecast.”
App: Dark Sky
Maker: Jackadam/The Dark Sky Company, LLC
Price: $3.99 in the App Store
What It Does: While it’s true that there’s nothing particularly new about weather apps, Dark Sky (despite its ominous name) is about the coolest weather app we’ve seen. Let’s face it – in this modern age, it’s not enough to just get a local forecast of thunderstorms. That’s why Dark Sky actually notifies you if you’re about to receive precipitation. Now that’s service.

Kayak app
Kayak sifts through tons of data so you can book your summer vacation plans with little hassle.
App: Kayak
Maker: Kayak Software Corp.
Price: Free in the App Store and Google Play
What It Does: Like a super shopper for travel deals, the Kayak app scans data from hundreds of travel sites, then delivers and ranks the prime offers to you for consideration. While we admire the Kayak app’s search capabilities, we also recognize the value offered by its Hacker Fares, which combine deals into offers that are very hard to refuse.

Foursquare app
Hungry in Paris? Let the Foursquare app help you find the best bistro.
App: Foursquare
Maker: Foursquare Labs, Inc.
Price: Free in the App Store and Google Play
What It Does: While it isn’t the newest app out there, sometimes that’s a good thing. By being around since 2009, Foursquare has been able to constantly deepen the level of its knowledge about all things related to food and drink. Foursquare users should keep in mind that the app is also loaded with info about cool local things to see and do when you’re not busy dining.

8 Ball Pool app
Rack ’em! If you’re looking for the best in billiards, 8 Ball Pool knows all the right angles.
App: 8 Ball Pool™
Price: Free in the App Store
What It Does: We trust you’re already familiar with the game, and we’re happy to report that this app does it justice. What makes 8 Ball Pool so great are its rock-solid physics. Pool is all about the angles, and this one gets them all correct. And should you climb all the way to the game’s top table, you’ll find a wild surprise: a “cushion shot on 8 ball” rule.

Spark app
Organize and streamline your email across all platforms. The Spark app can handle the job.
App: Spark
Maker: Readdle
Price: Free in the App Store
What It Does: Seeking to remedy the “overwhelmed inbox,” Spark brings simplicity and order to the chaos that is your email. Honored by Apple as one of the “App Store Best of 2015” award-winners, the Spark app frees you up from endless sorting and the visual confusion that can come from email overload. Recognized as having one of the smoothest interfaces of any app going.

Flick Kick Football app
“You aim…you shoot…you SCORE!” Flick Kick Football boils soccer down to a classic shootout.
App: Flick Kick® Football
Maker: Prodigy Design Limited T/A Sidhe Interactive
Price: $1.99 at the App Store
What It Does: There are plenty of soccer games out there, but this one concentrates on making shots on goal. It’s just one shooter facing off against a goalie but it takes that simple premise and makes it glorious. From where on the pitch will you take aim? And what extra “swiping” English will you use to muscle your shot in to victory? Flick Kick Football gives you tons of options to help you achieve pure soccer nirvana.

Have an App-Tastic Summer!

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Hey, coder! Here’s a cool contest just for you…

Want to get public recognition for apps you create? The U.S. Congress wants to help!

The U.S. Congress is sponsoring an app development contest called the Congressional App Challenge, and winners who create the most impressive app will be officially recognized by Congressional representatives, in official sessions.

As an honor, it’s the kind of distinctive award that would look awesome on a college application, having a member of Congress officially cite the app you create. Plus, it would look fantastic on job applications, too.


The Congress is so hot on coding right now because the government has identified that this is a crucial tech activity where America lags behind other countries.

It’s been determined that it’s in the interest of the U.S.A. for teens to master key coding skills and become technically proficient.

The U.S. Congress wants to recognize the best in teen apps, and encourage more teens to code.

Find out more with the official Congressional App Challenge website. And get ready to dazzle the Congress with your app development skills!

Want to get into coding, but not sure where to start? We can help with that.

Digital Media Academy app development tech camps will jump-start this coming summer for you…and help show you a path to a future career.

Let’s face it – most jobs open to teenagers are kind of menial. (Hey, you’ve got to start someplace, right?) And for many teens, part-time employment after school involves flipping burgers, babysitting kids or working in some type of retail.

Everybody uses apps and websites now. Have you ever thought about making money from that?

There’s nothing wrong with these jobs, but their rewards are pretty limited. Especially when you hear how some young people are using technology to get ahead…quickly.

Check out these teen tycoons, who each made a mint developing apps and websites, while they were still young:


  • Nick D’Aloisio was an ordinary London teen until he started creating apps. Two years ago, Nick D’Aloisio sold his app Summly to Yahoo! Inc. for an estimated $30 million.
  • Juliette Brindak dreamed up the characters “Miss O and Friends” when 10 years old. By 2005 (when only 16), it was a website that had spawned a book empire. Estimated 2008 company value: $15 million.
  • John Magennis got into web design in the ’90s, when 14. Within two years, his fee commanded up to $30,000 per site design. A millionaire at 16, he’s now older, but still doing cool things as a TV producer (Celebrity Apprentice, The Bachelor).
  • Ashley Qualls started a website for Tweens, called, at age 14. By 17, she was a millionaire. By age 23, she was receiving $15 million offers to buy her gem of an idea.
  • Adam Horwitz is another web designer who started young, once designing 30 sites in 3 years (when 15). He eventually came up with Mobile Monopoly, which teaches people how to make money generating mobile leads. By 18, he had become a millionaire.

And it’s not just about the money, either. Learning app development or web design is a fantastic way to channel your creativity and express yourself. The skills that are developed are useful, and often transferable to other science and math-based subjects.

Nick’s app Summly provides summaries of articles for people who get their news on their iPhones.


We’re not trying to imply there’s an automatic link between making apps or websites and striking it rich. Obviously, a lot of factors are involved in making a success – such as drive, personal creativity and inventiveness. Big dreams usually only happen when they get a big push from the players involved.

But that doesn’t change the fact that for the teens listed in this article, the dream of hitting it big in app development can come true…because it did.

It also doesn’t alter the reality that a much wider group of today’s teens can and will work in rewarding careers in app development and web design, perhaps going on to lead their own start-up companies.

The dream is as real as you believe it can be. If you take it seriously enough, you can make it happen.

But first you have to know how to harness the awesome power of app development.

Parents like DMA app development tech camps because they know their kid is learning useful skills.


If you’re interested in designing cutting-edge apps for today’s mobile devices, Digital Media Academy can help you develop your talent. We have amazingly cool tech camp locations on great college campuses across North America, and we offer app dev courses for teens ages 12 to 17.

Students in our App Development for iPhone® & iPad® camp learn how to work with Apple’s iOS software development kit, as well as gain valuable exposure to XCode®, Interface Builder and Apple’s new language, Swift™.

Discover how to create cool apps for Apple’s hugely popular line of iDevices, this coming summer at DMA!

As vocations go, app development is red-hot right now. It’s easy to see why:

Approximately 85 percent of all people using a smartphone right now are using an app (according to June 2015 data released by Forrester Research). That means the demand for apps is at an all-time high…and growing.

The Top Players

App development is a dynamic and fluid industry, with an ever-changing cast of characters. So it’s important to note that the following list (compiled by the 10 Best Design website) reflects only what’s happening right now.

You’ll also notice that many/most of these firms are located in the New York area, a holdover from advertising’s glorious past. (These are the new advertising titans of the Digital Age, after all.)

As you’ll see, most of the firms that specialize in app development also work in web design.

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain’s impressive client list includes heavy hitters like the NFL and AOL.

Location: New York, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: A power player in every sense of the phrase, Blue Fountain specializes in delivering website design, online marketing and mobile app development services. Like many of the firms on this list, Blue Fountain Media positions itself as a digital marketing agency. Also like most of the other companies listed, Blue Fountain Media specializes as much in web design as app development. The client roster includes big outfits like the National Football League and America Online.

Big Drop Inc.

Big Drop excels in creating clever client animations. For its website to promote the Lily camera, Big Drop animated this snowboarder, who travels across the screen.

Location: New York, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: Big Drop knows how to use tech to perk up its design work for major clients. Big Drop is especially recognized for coming up with cool animations for enlivening websites. (For example, its website to promote the Lilly camera contained animated snowboarders zipping across screen.) Other clients include Lunar Toy Store, Instamacro and Synergy.

Lounge Lizard

One of Lounge Lizard’s recent projects was a case study completed about a Total Connect Apple Watch that manages various Honeywell home functions, such as thermostat control.

Location: New York, N.Y., Long Island, N.Y., Los Angeles, Calif.,
Why It Ranks: Lounge Lizard is strong in advanced tech. The company is richly experienced in mobile app development, wearable tech, web app development and brand strategy. Lounge Lizard Design works closely with manufacturing giant Honeywell, providing services on a number of their accounts, including a recent case study about a Total Connect Apple Watch that works in conjunction with Honeywell home-management devices.

Huemor Designs

A jet-packed astronaut is on-hand for the main page of Huemor Designs’ website.

Location: Long Island, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: Huemor specializes in building, “high-end digital and brand solutions that are strategy-driven, artfully designed and elegantly engineered.” Huemor Designs works with many big-name clients, such as NBC Sports. According to its website, the company serves 14 different industries and won 21 industry awards during 2014.


EIGHT25MEDIA’s app-development clients include the Ultra Music Festival, billed as the world’s largest celebration of electronic dance music production.

Location: San Francisco, Calif.
Why It Ranks: Forget the crazy name for a second; EIGHT25MEDIA does some of the most creative work in the app-development arena. And it gets results: EIGHT25MEDIA boasts of an average conversion rate increase of 200 percent for most clients. Located in Fremont (near San Francisco), the agency prides itself on its Silicon Valley roots, as well as on the more than 500 websites it claims to have built. The company lists its main offerings as mobile application development, web design and development, search engine marketing and UI/UX design.

Hudson Horizons

Home furnishings manufacturer Duralee is just one of Hudson Horizons’ commercial clients.

Location: Saddle Brook, N.J.
Why It Ranks: Hudson Horizons (also known as Hudson Integrated Web Agency) lists its specialties as design, development, digital marketing and inbound marketing. The client list for Hudson Horizons ranges from manufacturers like Duralee home furnishings to benevolent agencies such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Inflexion Interactive

Inflexion’s work on Sabra’s website design won it industry accolades.

Location: Hoboken, N.J.
Why It Ranks: Inflexion has worked for some big names, such as hummus-maker Sabra, for which it won awards (for creating a social media-enhanced Sabra contest that went viral). In fact, Inflexion Interactive has a wealth of top-drawer clients, such as Sony, the Mayo Clinic, Rutgers University, Sotheby’s, Hartz and many others.

Forix Web Design

Forix designed this Hydrogen Tools app for the U.S. Dept. of Energy, to provide fuel-cell info to the public.

Location: Portland, Ore.
Why It Ranks: Forix has created a variety of apps for clients both national and regional, estimating the number of apps launched as 59. In addition to that, Forix Web Design claims to have launched 766 websites. One of those 59 apps was a super-cool Hydrogen Tools app that Forix created for the U.S. Dept of Energy. The app delivers information about fuel cells to the public using the app.

Konstant Infosolutions

The TaskClone web app is just one of many cool apps made by Konstant Infosolutions.
Location: New York, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: A truly international app-design firm, Konstant Infosolutions maintains offices in the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Konstant Infosolutions claims a repeat client ratio of more than 60 percent. The company also offers e-commerce online solutions, in addition to website design, iPhone app creation and search engine optimization.


Dotlogics rubs shoulders with some pretty big clients, such as McDonalds, for years the great white whale of American advertising.

Location: Westbury, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: When Dotlogics builds websites for clients, it uses advanced architecture and programming languages like PHP, Ajax, HTML and CSS. Clients of Dotlogics include McDonalds, Brown University and Diamond Lighthouse, and the firm says it’s developed more than 200 apps in all for its clients.

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School’s back in session, and that means that moms everywhere are also thinking about school. And wondering how to help their kid or teen maximize his or her academic potential.

Certain pastime activities can help us direct our mental energies more fully…with better results.

Turns out there are particular activities that can indeed make us smarter. Here are some fun ways young people can exercise their brains and stretch their intellects…

Be a Music Maker

How It Makes You Smarter: Simply listening to music provides health benefits, but playing an instrument is a fantastic way to stimulate mental faculties and engage the brain. When you play an instrument, it uses several different types of skills (motor skills, math skills, analytical skills, etc.) plus unlocks personal creativity, which assists higher-thinking functionality.
Brain Benefits: Playing music also creates new connections between the brain’s twin hemispheres, by making the corpus callosum part of the brain stronger.

Challenge Your Brain

How It Makes You Smarter: It’s one of the best ways to stay mentally fit. Challenge your intellect with some type of brainteaser and you’ll be sharpening your mind and creating stronger cognitive powers. Try board games, or card games, or video games. (Video games make you smarter, after all.) Or go with a crossword puzzle or Sudoku.
Brain Benefits: Working puzzles, etc. boosts neuroplasticity, which increases the brain’s ability to reorganize its information. This also helps your mind be more able to entertain different perspectives. It’s been proven that people with higher levels of neuroplasticity can learn faster and retain that data longer.

Learn New Languages

How It Makes You Smarter: There’s almost nothing that puts your mind through its paces like picking up a new language. Intense memorization is required, of course, but there also the numerous nuances and specifics that make up a language. (Or if you really want to engage your brain, try to learn the most useful language of them all…)
Brain Benefits: A true mental workout, learning a language increases problem-solving skills and planning abilities, and also enhances your ability to track processes and follow what’s going on around you.

Practice Meditation

How It Makes You Smarter: Meditation enables a person to “shut out the world” and focus inwardly, concentrating their energies in a calm and silent way. Those who regularly practice meditation credit it with numerous health benefits (such as lowering blood pressure), both mental and physical.
Brain Benefits: Many famous celebrities (Katy Perry, Clint Eastwood, Oprah Winfrey) swear by the mental clarity produced through meditation, including Apple founder Steve Jobs, who described meditation in his autobiography as, “Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before.”

Read Something (Anything!)

How It Makes You Smarter: Instinctively we all know that reading makes you smarter, but did you know that it doesn’t really matter that much what you’re reading? Turns out the content of the material is secondary to the cognitive benefits that are generated.
Brain Benefit: Reading is a triple threat, boosting the three different types of intelligence (fluid, emotional and crystallized) found in the brain. It also helps you recognize patterns and solve problems.

Get Regular Exercise

How It Makes You Smarter: Exercise has been shown to help improve a person’s mental acuity, but it needs to happen on a regular basis to achieve maximum good.
Brain Benefit: When you get regular exercise, a protein called BDNF is produced, and it helps you become mentally sharper and better able to focus on and understand new mental concepts.

Take on New Challenges!

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School’s back in session and students everywhere are turning from summer activities back to their regular studies.

And that means it’s time to put technology to work for you (or your student). So we’ve gathered the five best apps for making homework easier and more productive.


Developed By: PhotoPay Ltd.
Available Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free

PhotoMath lets you scan a math equation from a book, then read the answer on your screen.

Why It’s Great for Homework: A huge hit for delivering magic on demand, PhotoMath lets you shoot snaps of typed equations, then tells you each step needed to work the equation and reach the solution. Its creators call PhotoMath the “world’s smartest camera calculator.”

Best For: Kids struggling to work math equations.


Developed By: Meta Calculator
Available Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: Free

Do the math: Dozens of functions – and a working in browser version. It’s a great calculator.

Why It’s Great for Homework: Of course, some students need to learn and want to learn how to run complex calculations. Enter the meta-calculator, which can be used online and features four calculators (graphing calculator, matrix calculator, scientific calculator and statistics calculator) in one huge meta-calculator.

Best For: Kids determined to figure out how to compute things for themselves.

Wolfram | Alpha

Developer: Wolfram Research
Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: $2.99
There’s no shortage of subject topics at Wolfram | Alpha, which specializes in math but covers a full range of subjects.

Why It’s Great for Homework: Wolfram | Alpha applies the same basic application as PhotoMath, except on a more advanced scale. Older students working in higher-level math will get easy-to-follow instructions from Wolfram Alpha that step them through the complexities of calculus and other types of math. Wolfram | Alpha also offers modular learning in countless other scientific pursuits.

Best For: Older teens wrestling with mind-bending mathematics and other advanced subjects.


Developer: StudyBlue, Inc.
Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free
StudyBlue’s 350 million flash cards can help you do some power-studying when the pressure is on.

Why It’s Great for Homework: StudyBlue is perfect for when the test pressure is on and the order of the day is to memorize a series of facts. With StudyBlue, you can make your own flashcards to help you study, or even use some of the 350 million StudyBlue flashcards that have been created by other students who have faced similar tests.

Best For: Students prepping for exams.


Developer: Instin, LLC
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 8, Kindle
Price: Free (myHomework Premium accounts: $4.99 annually)
myHomework gives you lots of options for getting task reminders and other alerts.

Why It’s Great for Homework: Homework gets done better when it’s monitored more consistently. myHomework uses task tracking that lets you color-code assignments by priority and establish reminder alerts to keep you on track. myHomework app is also helpful to teachers who can use it in association with the student.

Best For: Students or educators.

Apps Rule the Internet of Things

We live in an app-enhanced, interconnected world where apps help us get the most from our electronic devices.

At Digital Media Academy, kids 6-12 and teens 12-17 can discover how easy it is to make apps for iPhone and iPad, as well as for other platforms.

Apps are developed by professional app developers – and the amateur app user. App development courses are a great way to explore a creative side and discover to turn ideas for games and apps into reality.

Moms love convenience and Amazon is taking convenience to a whole new level. Amazon Dash is Amazon’s new instant-order service, available exclusively to Amazon Prime members.

With a press of a button, an order is placed through your Amazon Prime account. Buttons can be located on appliances, inside cabinets or pantries – even in diaper bins – with an adhesive backing or hook.

How Amazon Dash Works & What’s Available
Amazon Prime members purchase a small plastic button ($4.95) called Dash. You buy the branded Dash button for the product you want.

Currently 18 popular products are available (such as Bounty paper towels, Tide laundry detergent, Cottonelle toilet tissue, Glad trash bags, Clorox disinfecting wipes, Gatorade sports drinks, Smartwater bottled water, Maxwell House coffee, Izze sparkling juice, Kraft macaroni and cheese, Larabar fruit and nut bars, Huggies diapers, Gerber baby food, Amazon Elements baby wipes, Olay face cream, L’Oreal Youth Code makeup, Wellness dog food, Wellness cat food and Gillette shaving supplies).

Users then pair the button to their home Wi-Fi, via the Amazon app. After setting the amount and type of products you want per order, you set it to either put the order through Amazon’s One-Click order option, and email you for a final confirmation order or just press the Dash button.

Next thing you know, Huggies diapers are arriving at your door. Now do you believe that Amazon is the future of shopping?

“I’ll be taking these Huggies and any cash you got in the drawer…” Getting diapers just got a whole lot easier. (Image: 20th Century Fox)

Is Dash Worth It?
For most people, driving to the store and stocking up on paper towels is no big deal. But shopping online is increasingly becoming a way for many, especially moms, to take care of those mindless errands while gaining valuable time. Online shopping is also extremely handy for the elderly and disabled.

Another handy Dash feature: an LED light that uses colored light patterns to indicate status of orders and provide other notifications.

Eighteen name-brand product lines are already participating in the Amazon Dash program, with more expected to follow.

There’s an App for That!
Learn to make apps like the one that powers Amazon Dash and its home-shopping magic. These days apps help make our lives easier, and Amazon Dash definitely does that.

The iPhone is an incredibly popular smartphone, and for good reason. Apple is always innovating within the space it defined. A healthy app store and robust music platform also helped Apple sell over 100 million units in the first half of 2015 alone.

The upcoming iPhone will stick fairly closely to the iPhone 6’s dimensions, only 0.2mm thicker and 0.15mm taller.

You may want to wait before you rush out for yours; Apple is rumored to be releasing a new iPhone this year. Here’s what to expect:

iPhone 6S or iPhone 7?
Will the next iPhone be considered a 7 or a 6S? Industry insiders have said Apple’s new phone will carry the 6S branding (because it does not represent enough advancement to be called an iPhone 7). Insiders also say Apple will release a larger model of the smartphone called the iPhone 6S Plus.

Rumored release dates include August or September due to an abundance of available parts from Apple’s suppliers, which allowed production to move faster than expected. Most industry observers, however, have predicted a September product kickoff, with a September 25th delivery date.

iPhone 6S / 7 Features

Expected Retail Price: $649
Operating System: iOS 9

  • iPhone 6S Processor: Samsung will manufacture the new iPhone’s A9 processor, which is rumored to be 15 percent smaller, 20 percent stronger and 35 percent better at conserving power than the current processor.
  • iPhone 7 Processor: Industry rumors suggest Apple would rely upon a Qualcomm-produced LTE chip to power an iPhone 7. This would help the battery last longer, since the chip uses less energy than the one currently used in the iPhone. A Qualcomm LTE chip would double the phone’s 4G speeds, too.
  • Twin Cameras: The new phone will have two 12MP rear cameras, to support the phone’s HDR mode with increased sharpness. The new cameras will not enable 3D pictures as some had hoped, but will generate 4K video and a 240fps slow-motion video feed.
  • iPhone_6s_rose_gold
    It’s expected that Apple will offer a rose gold edition iPhone, reflecting the recent look of the Apple Watch.

    • Front Camera: There will also be a front-facing camera, most likely a 5MP camera that has a flash, supports 1080-pixel video as well as slow-motion and panorama modes.
    • Side Speakers: Expect to find a speaker mounted into the left and right sides of the phone, for big-theater sound and a peak movie-watching enjoyment.
    • Sliding Volume Controls: The traditional volume buttons will be replaced by a touch sensitive panel with a simple slide control.
    • No Headphone Jack: You won’t find the usual headphone jack on the new phone. Instead, you’ll use a Bluetooth-enabled listening device or the Lightning port to deliver your tunes.
    • No Home Button: The new phone will not have the traditional Home button, but will instead rely on touchID technology.
    • Big Screen: Partly because of getting rid of the Home button, the new phone will be able to deliver 1080-pixel resolution.
    • Big Body: The new phone is expected to be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6, as well as 0.15mm taller.
    • Body Construction: It’s possible that the new phone will use the Series 7000 aluminum alloy – the same material used on the Apple Watch Sport. Another possibility: a Liquidmetal body.
    • New Colors: We won’t be shocked if some of the iPhone 6’s color palette changes for the new phone…like the new gold phone looking a bit more yellow. Also, the space gray color is expected to deepen on the new phone. Plus: new colors, including rose gold and pink.
    • Display Sizes: The new phone may try to cater to different display preferences, with a 4.7-inch screen on the new phone. In addition to the jumbo-sized iPhone 6S Plus (with a 5.5-inch screen), there is some talk that there will be an iPhone 6C model equipped with a 4.0-inch screen.
    • More Durable Screen: Apple has joined forces with Foxconn, which has been producing more rugged, sapphire displays for the new phone.

    Say goodbye to that tired old headphone jack. On the new iPhone, remote-speaker sound will be exported via a connected Bluetooth device or through the iPhone’s Lightning port.

    iPhones Need Apps!
    Apple’s phenomenally popular iPhone series is only as good as the apps that are made for all types of iPhone users.

    It takes the work of talented and tech-savvy content developers to make apps for iphone and ipad, and that’s what excited teens learn to do in Digital Media Academy’s tech camps.

    Aren’t you ready to learn programming, a skill that could lead you to a cool and rewarding career? At DMA tech camps, you can learn app development and much more.

    Apple, the Cupertino, California-based company, has a legendary drive for innovation. The Apple Watch is the latest gadget from the inventive minds at Apple – the company that created the iPhone. But some of Apple’s most interesting projects haven’t even been released yet…

    Apple VR headset

    What It Is: A Virtual Reality headset that works with an iPhone
    Apple has made no announcement about a VR headset…but it has a patent for one.

    Expected Release Date: ?
    Inside Facts: Oculus Rift, Google, Samsung and Facebook and other virtual headset developers have been slugging it out in the VR wars. But that may change. In February 2015, Apple filed a patent for a virtual reality headset that would work with iDevices like iPads and iPhones.

    a head-mounted display apparatus for retaining a portable electronic device with display.
    – Apple VR Headset Patent Description

    Project: Titan

    What It Is: An Apple car
    This business complex, in Sunnyvale, Calif., could be where the Apple Car is being built.

    Expected Release Date: 2020?
    Inside Facts: The question the world wants answered has to be is Apple building a car? Consider the evidence: In nearby Sunnyvale, Apple has either bought or constructed multiple facilities that could be ideal for housing automobile design and/or manufacturing facilities. Apple employees working at some of these locations have been instructed to turn their corporate ID badges around so they can’t be easily spotted.

    Apple is clearly building a team. It recently hired Johann Jungwirth, a former Mercedes-Benz exec familiar with self-driving cars. Apple also consulted with Elon Musk in 2014. (Those conversations have never been made public.)

    Apple’s hiring so many battery engineers from electric car battery manufacturer A123 Systems that the company has actually filed suit against Apple for depleting its engineering staff. Still not convinced? The company’s lead designer (Sir Jony Ive) is a noted car buff.

    Apple TV’s “Skinny” Package

    What It Is: A package of network TV channels offered through Apple TV
    Apple clearly wants to help American TV audiences cut the cable cord…

    Expected Release Date: September 2015?
    Inside Facts: It’s called “skinny” because it addresses a consumer wish for a reduced number of channels – a handful of networks, like CBS, ABC and Fox – that cuts out the “upper tier” cable and premium channels (i.e., some channels that you probably never watch; think ESPN3) that are offered by cable outfits.

    A customer purchasing an Apple TV subscription could get rid of their cable box altogether, and still get to see the channels they like most, via video streaming over the Internet.

    iPhone 7’s Secret Camera

    What It Is: A new, double-lensed camera for the iPhone
    Industry estimates report that Apple has been researching multi-lens camera technology for about three years.

    Expected Release Date: September 2015?
    Inside Facts: A multi-lens camera for the iPhone could revolutionize picture quality on the iPhone. Apple has been researching multi-lens cameras since about 2012. And the company’s 2015 acquisition of LinX Computational Imaging was seen as a way to find solutions for areas where Apple’s camera development has been stalled.

    Once Apple unveils the tech, analysts predict multi-lens cameras will become the standard among smartphones. Photography teachers and experts are already expecting amazing things from the photographs made with multi-lens cameras.

    Expect to see photos that are considerably sharper than present pix, and which capture better images in low-light conditions.

    Get a Taste for Innovation
    Summer vacation is the perfect time for kids and teens to make something good happen for their future.

    In Digital Media Academy’s app development camp students learn to make apps for iPhone and iPad, while having the time of their lives on great college campuses.

    Take a bite of Apple innovation…this summer, at DMA.

    We use Google for just about everything these days. Whether you are looking for a good restaurant, a movie review or navigating your way home, the world’s most popular search engine has become the go-to tool for finding anything.


    Google has made its search tool even easier to use. Now you can find what you need by providing answers to commonly asked questions at the top of the results page.

    Start searching smarter. These tips and tricks will help you take charge of the world’s greatest search engine. You can even compare movies using Google. To access this and other cool features, you don’t need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer or mobile device. Just start your search on

    Digital Dictionary
    Know the difference between a gigabyte and a terabyte and stay tech-savvy with this digital dictionary.

    With all of the gigabytes, polygons and file types, words can sound a bit confusing in the tech world. Lucky for us, Google has added dictionary-like functionality to help ease the confusion. To look up a definition, just add “Define” before the word.

    Set a Timer
    Time yourself and set some goals as you work with Google’s easy to use timer.

    Whether you are cooking dinner or rendering 3D models, setting a timer can be a good idea. To create a timer using Google’s search engine, enter “Set timer to,” followed by your preferred amount of time.

    World Clock
    Programmers in Silicon Valley, London and Beijing can easily coordinate using Google’s world clock.

    When you’re working on programming and app development with people from around the world, it can be difficult to synchronize time zones. Searching “Time in,” followed by a city, state or country, will quickly show you the current time anywhere in the world.

    Show Flight Status
    Late for your flight? Check ahead using Google’s real-time flight status updates.

    Skip the airline’s website and simply search your flight status in Google. Google’s flight tracker updates in real-time. You’ll never miss a flight again.

    Convert Currency
    Stay on top of current currency values using Google’s real-time currency converter.

    Traveling? With fluctuating currencies in the world market, converting exchange rates can be a headache. Let Google do the work for you: Enter the dollar amount, followed by the currency that you would like to exchange to.

    Making Technology Work for You
    To develop web applications like Google and games, extensive knowledge in java and app game development is required. Explore web design and application development for a future in technology.

    Fortunately, Google makes its search tool available for free but other web applications are million-sellers – because more than ever, people need software to solve problems.