San Diego Comic-Con Preview

By Phill Powell

It’s the biggest annual event in superhero culture and has been going on for 46 years – and it just keeps mushrooming larger and larger each year.

Of course we’re talking about San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC), the king of all Comic-Cons, and the one by which all other Comic-Cons are measured.

SDCC 2015 exhibit floor
If you’re into comic culture, this is the place to see it all. (Photo by Jody Cortes. © 2015 SDCC)

This year’s anxiously expected event is again set to take place at the San Diego Convention Center. Gates are open on Thursday, July 21st through Saturday, July 24th from 9:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Sunday’s hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and there is also a Preview that will be held on Wednesday, July 20th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Attendance at the first Comic-Con back in 1970 was only around 145. Last year’s show – with the biggest crowds yet – drew 167,000 fans of comic book, movie and game culture.

SDCC, which began strictly as a comic book convention, has now expanded the event to include forays into film, TV shows, horror, animation, sci fi, collectibles and much more.

They Live Trump and Hillary masks
How to make the 2016 election even scarier? They Live masks of Trump and Clinton, sure to be seen among the cosplay at this year’s SDCC! (Mask designs by Trick or Treat Studios.)


For the outside world – keeping up with Comic-Con through web reports – the biggest attraction of the show is always the world-class cosplay that pays tribute to beloved characters from the worlds of comics and entertainment.

So what are going to be this year’s most popular cosplay characters? We have a few ideas:

Deadpool…Big year for the comic, plus a hit movie with Ryan Reynolds. Expect to see numerous fan tributes.
Ghostbusters…In keeping with the new blockbuster, it’s the ladies’ turn to show up in proton packs and jumpsuits!
Star Wars…Multiple characters from The Force Awakens, the hugely successful latest installment in the world’s most popular film series.
Trump & Clinton…Hey, it is an election year, after all.

Star Trek Beyond
Trekkers will have a special attraction at this year’s SDCC: a first look at the new Star Trek Beyond. (Image: SDCC)


San Diego Comic-Con always pulls some big names from the worlds of comics, fantasy and science fiction – and this year’s show won’t disappoint. In addition to the usual adding of some last-minute headliners, here are just some of the many guests slated to appear:

Jason Aaron (Scalped, Marvel’s Star Wars, and currently developing a female Thor for Marvel!)
Trina Robbins (Hall of Fame cartoonist who has drawn essential comics like Wonder Woman and written successful histories of the comics art.)
Satoshi Yamamoto (Pokemon Adventures)
William Gibson (Whose sci-fi epic Neuromancer jump-started the cyberpunk movement and was the first “triple-crown winner” of sci fi’s biggest three awards.)

and last but not least…

Stan Lee (Guiding spirit of Marvel Comics and engineer of its 60s revolution in psychological realism. Creator or co-creator of too many major comics characters to count – although one estimate puts it in triple digits.)

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman has been a symbol of female empowerment for seven decades. One of her illustrators, Trina Robbins, will speak at SDCC. (Wonder Woman™ DC Comics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Strip 1943-1944 © IDW Publishing.)


San Diego Comic-Con has grown into more than just a nice little local convention. It’s now the city’s biggest annual draw, credited with bringing as much as $200 million of economic impact to the area.

Why does it keep growing each year? Because it’s one of the most fun experiences you can have in San Diego! More than that, it’s a chance to stand up proudly for characters too often dismissed by mainstream media and show the personal allegiance you feel with superheroes and other characters.

SDCC celebrates comic-book culture. We can’t wait to see the cool pix to come from this year’s show!