Tempo Automation: Manufacturing Prototypes

By Phill Powell

Here’s even more proof that the Tech Age is moving forward at lightning speed: There’s now a factory called Tempo Automation that manufactures nothing but prototypes for various electronics companies!

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Need to have a component prototype built quickly and professionally? Tempo has you covered. (Photo: Tempo Automation)

Start-ups can hook up with the San Francisco outfit and get prototypes and small-batch runs of electronic components and devices. Not just that – Tempo can do the job quickly, offering a speedy 3-day turnaround time in the Bay area (and 4-day within the continental U.S.).

For start-ups, it’s an essential service, because they spend a lot of time and energy marketing the possibilities of their particular creation. Thanks to Tempo Automation, start-ups can have multiple prototypes – which can be used to attract more financial backing.

Tempo makes components out of materials with multiple layers. (Photo: Tempo Automation)

Complex Prototypes in Just 3 Days!

Here’s how it works when you get a prototype produced by Tempo Automation:

You submit your project design in one of any number of CAD software types (such as Altium, Eagle, DipTrace, Kicad and Cadence) and Tempo comes back to you with a quote for the project.

For those needing the standard 3-day turnaround time, up to 100 prototypes can be ordered. (If you order a custom job, up to 250 prototypes could be requested.)

The kinds of prototypes vary widely but we’re talking about components that contain material comprised of eight layers of materials. In custom projects that Tempo tackles, the material could be as thick as 30 layers!

The staff at Tempo Automation works on producing the prototypes, as well as interfacing with customers about the many details involved in this complicated level of production.

Now, you can make some prototypes yourself, at home…through the magic of 3D printing.

3D Printing: The Home-Based Phenomenon

It’s definitely an amazing time to be involved in tech industries.

But just as amazing as Tempo Automation’s professionally produced electronic prototypes is the DIY phenomenon that’s taking place around the world, with average people deciding they want to learn 3D printing.

If you can imagine it and see it in your mind’s eye, 3D printing can turn it into reality. And you can turn your interest in 3D printing into a reality this summer!