Advice from Traveling Photographer Kyle Barden

By Michael Rosa

With a growing audience and a platform supporting both visuals and audio, artists are using Instagram to reach potential fans at a growing rate.

This month, we’re featuring a special interview with New York-based digital photographer Kyle Barden. Check out his Instagram account at @Kyle_Barden_Images and give him a follow if you like his work as much as we do!

Barden’s art will be featured at a Pop Up Art Show in New York on July 29th! (Image: Tori Rodriguez)

From Filmmaking to Photography

“I started out life with a passion for film. When I was younger I would spend time watching movies and making movies with my friends. (I wish I still had these films because they were hilariously awful.)

When I went to college I made a hard choice between studying film or engineering; I chose to major in engineering and minor in film. Studying film gave me a new perspective that I hadn’t had before. Now when I look at films I notice technique, lighting and various other nuances that most people that are simply watching a film do not notice.

This is the effect of studying a craft, and the same thing applies to photography. I’ve been able to apply my experience in film as well as continued research and training in the field of photography to develop my capabilities as a photographer.

Combining this with a passion for travel has allowed me to capture some incredible landscapes from around the world. I am based in Troy, New York, which has a terrific atmosphere for promoting growth in the arts. I receive constant encouragement from my girlfriend, who is an artist herself and is the one that truly inspired me to pursue photography. You can check out her work at @Toridoesfineart on Instagram.”

Always Bring Your Camera Gear Just in Case

“This piece was done on the island of Martha’s Vineyard just off the coast in Massachusetts. I was there for a wedding and brought my camera gear just in case. The night was clear and the stars were out. With no light pollution over the ocean I was able to capture a great shot of the milky way. I then took a second exposure using my girlfriend as a model and used a light-painting technique to light up the circle behind her. I then combined these two images to get what you see here.”

Location Scouting: Not for the Faint of Heart

“This shot was taken on my way back to New York from visiting some friends in New Hampshire. There are some great spots to stop along Route 9 that runs through southern Vermont. This was taken of a river that was flowing along side the road. I was able to pull off the road and carefully work my way across rocks to find the perfect spot in the river. This shot was taken with a 4-second shutter speed with a neutral density filter to get the silky flowing water. This slow shutter speed required a tripod and I was able to work my way to a large enough rock in the middle of the river that I could place my tripod/stand on in order to get this shot.”

Let Your Travels Inspire You

Sun hitting Thingvallavatn in winter

A photo posted by Kyle Barden Photography (@kyle_barden_images) on

“On a recent trip to Iceland, I was traveling through Thingvellir National Park. On my way out of the park I pulled over to take a shot of the epic scene in front of me just as the sun peaked through the clouds.”

On “The Fence” in New York

“I currently have two pieces hanging on display in the ART Center of the Capital Region (in Troy, New York) as submissions for its yearly members “Fence Show.” One of these pieces (above) has been selected as one of the top 50 and will remain featured in the Center through July in a special show called “The Fence Select.”

I will also be a featured artist in a Pop-Up Art Show July 29th in downtown Troy, New York, called “Troy Night Out” at 33 Second Street (just a three-hour commute from our NYU location for anyone interested in visiting!). The show will feature work from local artists and depictions of their “scapes”: landscapes, cityscapes, waterscapes, skyscape, moonscape, escapes, etc.

I take orders for prints by Direct Message on Instagram or through email, and will be setting up a shop on my website,, this summer!”