Artists on Instagram – June

By Michael Rosa

With a growing audience and a platform supporting both visuals and audio, artists are using Instagram to reach potential fans at a growing rate.

Here are some artists who are catching our eyes (and ears) for the month of June. All of these artists harness technology to create their masterpieces – through programming, digital photography, graphic design and music production. Check out their Instagram accounts and give them a follow if you like their work!


A photo posted by @dragan01 on

Dragan Mergelmeier is a photographer/3D artist, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His strengths consist of photo manipulation through Photoshop, as well as 3D programs such as 3Ds Max and Maya.

He created his latest matte painting piece, The Lost City, with a combination of digital painting, digital photography and photoshop!


If you’re one of those people who don’t think of video games as art, we might have the solution for you. Moonlight Express is a story about delivering gifts across an array of beautiful fantasy lands.

Damir is a great programmer who wanted to create a game, but isn’t the best artist. Lea is a great artist who wanted to create a game, but isn’t the best at programming.

Together they’re creating a positive, fun and unique mobile game. While the game itself is still in production, they’d love if you followed their artistic adventures in game design!


A video posted by Damien Verrett (@somuchlight) on

So Much Light is the stage name of DMA contributing writer Damien Verrett. This multi-talented artist knows photography, filmmaking and special effects, but his true passion in life is music production.

So Much Light is currently touring the country to promote his EP, Idiot Soul, which features the above song, The Barrel Keeps Rolling Forever. It might sound familiar if you’ve ever played the classic Nintendo video game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. So Much Light’s favorite track from the game, Stickerbrush Symphony, served as inspiration.

His ethereal, ambient, electronic Lana-Del-Rey-meets-Daft-Punk sound paired with vocals reminiscent of The Weeknd make for a truly beautiful musical experience you need to hear to believe.

Even though he’s been getting busier and busier now that his music career is really starting to take off, he still managed to create a How To: story/video about Keying Green Screen Footage for us! He truly has so much light to offer this world, and we’re so honored to work with him.

Are You An Artist On Instagram?


If you’re an artist who relies on technology to channel your creativity, we’d love to check out your Instagram account – and we might even feature you here in a future piece.

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