DMA Tech Watch: Maker Faire Bay Area 2016 Goes Tech-Wild!

By Phill Powell

Welcome to DMA Tech Watch, where we review the biggest news and tech trends on our radar. This week, a special collection of great snaps from this weekend’s Maker Faire Bay Area…

There’s nothing quite like a Maker Faire. It’s a celebration of DIY ingenuity and a showcase of mechanical creativity. This past weekend, one of the greatest of all the Maker Faire events came to the San Mateo County Fairgrounds in California.

Wanna see humongous fire-breathing mechanical insects? Maker Faire Bay Area is the place!

This was the 11th-annual Maker Faire Bay Area, and each year the craziness gets ratcheted-up another notch. The event now draws hundreds of thousands of attendees each year, with the Bay Area event known as one of the premier occasions on the Maker Movement calendar.

Maker Faire Bay Area thrilled spectators with dynamic exhibitions, like this killer-diller cannon.

Ticket prices ranged wildly, according to when you purchased them and who you were. For adults showing up at the door, a three-day package ran $80. But for youths and students who purchased their tix early, they were able to get them for a low $20.

Google sponsored a fun Learn to Solder program for girls at Maker Faire Bay Area.

While there are countless large and small Maker Faires throughout the year, the Bay Area event is considered one of the Flagship Maker Faires, along with those held in Detroit and New York.

Maker Faire is the kind of place where you might see someone driving a rolling cupcake…

Maker Faire was created by Make magazine, a DIY journal founded by Maker Movement guru Dale Dougherty, who attended a press event at this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area.

…or a couple out for a pleasant ride in…uh, this thing.

This year’s Bay Area event took place on the San Mateo Fairgrounds, where the very first Maker Faire took place during April 22-23, 2006. This site features an outdoor midway area that encompasses 5 acres of land – plenty of ground for the countless pavilions, exhibits and demonstrations showcased at Maker Faire.

Maker Faire Bay Area has grown into a huge event each year, with tons of things to see and do.

Exhibits are wild and creative at Maker Faire. During the 2008 Bay Area show, a “Mouse Trap” board game built to human dimensions was presented, along with a kinetic sculpture of a squid, another kinetic sculpture of a massive butterfly. Strangest of all: a solar-powered chariot that happened to be pulled by an Arnold Schwarzeneggar robot!

You never know who’ll show up at Makers Faire, like this famous robot.

Maker Faire has become a global movement, as well as a growing presence in the emerging STEM landscape of the U.S. Now there are Maker Faire events held all over the world – from Melbourne, Australia to Nairobi, Kenya…from Stockholm, Sweden to Istanbul, Turkey. People from every country are enchanted by the wonders of technology.

Makers Faire is a hands-on event, where creativity sparks great ideas.

The Maker Faire Bay Area is now such an enormous event that corporate sponsors line up willingly to underwrite the costs of entire pavilions at the show, like at this year’s event, which was hosted in part by companies such as Microsoft and Barnes & Noble.

Do dragons really exist? At Makers Faire, they do…and they roll, too!

Today’s tech is a liberating force in the lives of creative tinkerers, like the many participants of this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area. These days, if you can imagine it, you can build it!

He started the Maker Faire movement: Dale Dougherty meets the press at the Bay Area event.

Today’s technology moves fast, like the spinning rides at the Maker Faire Bay Area!

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