Artists on Instagram

By Michael Rosa

Instagram is a huge social media platform with over 400 million monthly active users (75 million more than Twitter!), and artists are taking note.
Beautiful things
On the TBS show Conan, TV writer Philip Rosenthal offers social media advice from his daughter: “Twitter is for funny things, Instagram is for beautiful things and Facebook is for old-people things.”

With a growing audience and a platform supporting both visuals and audio, artists are using it to reach potential fans at a growing rate.

Here are some artists who are catching our eyes (and ears) this week. All of these artists harness technology to create their masterpieces – through programming, digital photography, iPad drawings and music production. Check out their Instagram accounts and give them a follow if you like their work!


Mathew Preziotte is a “creative coder.” He combines programming with music as an overlapping study in “harmonic polar equations” to create absurd music visualizations. If that sounds like a lot to handle, we’ll break it down for you.

Preziotte uses a programming language known as Processing to track musical notes in a song and create images. He then stitches them all together to create the awesomeness you see above. We were inspired by his work, and will be using this awesome software in our introductory programming courses this summer!


Toothbush #toothbrush #plant #designer #animal #picame #art #photography #color #stilllife #minimal #popart

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Paul Fuentes is an artist based in Mexico City. He enjoys staging everyday objects into surreal and colorful compositions, creating pop mashups! Fuentes uses digital photography and graphic design tools to play with depth, perception and pastel colors. Because of this, his mashups are often jarring, beautiful and thought-provoking – all at the same time!


Audrey K. Takeshta, the artist behind Drawing4Kyoko, has formal education in graphic design, advertising and marketing. She loves to draw, make illustrations and even crochet – but starting the summer of 2014, she began creating beautiful drawings on her iPad. “I love drawing on the iPad. It’s portable, no clean-ups. It’s a great solution for busy working moms,” she said on her website. How she makes her digital art look like real-life painting is her artistic secret; we’ll just keep admiring it via Instagram!


Get Pumped! Mix now out on soundcloud and Youtube, Link in the Bio!

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Zera (aka Ezra Hollis) is a music producer/DJ just getting his start on Instagram. A local Californian who’s played as far away as Costa Rica, Zera loves music, but he wanted to master his craft.

So last summer, Zera took a music and beat production course at DMA, and now he’s created a sound that’s all of his own. This kid is on the verge of something great. Follow him now so you can tell the hipsters you were into Zera before he was a famous producer, then check out his latest Bass House mix on Soundcloud!

Instagram’s New Look


Instagram’s new app design stays true to its camera-and-rainbow theme, but simplifies it for a modern look, keeping the focus on users and artist’s posts.

Are you an artist who relies on technology to channel your creativity? We’d love to check out your Instagram account! Maybe we’ll even feature you here in a future piece. Connect with us on Instagram @digitalmediaacademy!