Summer Vacation Tech Checklist

By Phill Powell

We’ve all been there: You’re in your hotel room, stowing your gear after arriving at your summer paradise. Suddenly you remember the charging cable for your smartphone, which you had even set on the edge of the table…to remind yourself not to forget it.

And then you forgot it.

Now you’re not only forced to spend part of your vacation shopping for a charging cable, but you’ve got to spend that $10 you had earmarked for souvenir saltwater taffy. And hey, you love saltwater taffy!

If you want to chill like this guy this summer, make sure you don’t forget the tech! (The Simpsons™ & © 2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.)


It’s a moment of awful realization that makes you channel your inner Homer Simpson and blurt out “D’oh!” – or perhaps something else.

But it’s a crisis you can avoid by using our handy-dandy Summer Vacation Tech Checklist as you gear up for that next big excursion.


Your smartphone and tablet are so precious to you that you’d never forget them, right? But what about if you got in a hurry, trying to rush to the airport?

In travel, successful packing depends on carefully tracking everything you need, starting with the essentials:

Electronic Devices
☐ Smartphone
☐ Tablet Computer
☐ Laptop Computer
☐ Entertainment Device (iPod, etc.)
☐ Personal DVD Player
☐ Remote/Mini Speakers
☐ Digital Camera
☐ Portable Radio
☐ Portable Weather Radio
☐ Exercise Tracker

Outdoor summer parties come alive with the wireless JAM Rewind, which sports a four-speaker system, rubberized exterior and “cassette” looks. (Image: JAM Audio)

Nearly as important as your electronic devices themselves are the cords and charging blocks vital for keeping them juiced up and ready:

Charging Equipment
☐ Smartphone Charging Cord & Block
☐ Tablet Computer Charging Cord & Block
☐ Laptop Computer Charging Cord & Block
☐ iPod Charging Cord & Block
☐ DVD Player Power Adaptor
☐ Charging Cord for Mini-Speakers
☐ Camera Charging Cord
☐ Exercise Tracker Charging Equipment
☐ Battery Charger
☐ Portable Outlet/Surge Protector

Prone to forgetting your charging gear? Maybe you should find a truly unforgettable iPhone charger

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, this is all well and good. But what if I’m suddenly stuck in the jungle?” Good point. Sometimes you’re not near any wall outlets. At such moments, you’ll be glad you packed alternate power sources, like the following:

Power Sources
☐ Power Bank(s)
☐ Power Bank Connector Cord
☐ AAA Batteries
☐ AA Batteries
☐ C Batteries
☐ D Batteries
☐ 9-Volt Batteries
☐ Special Camera Batteries
☐ Solar Power Capture Strip
☐ Solar Power Capture Strip Connector Cord

Oppo power banks like these are stylish and have 4000mAh battery capacity. (Image: Oppo)

Everyone’s vacation needs are different, so you might want to consider making your own specially customized list. And when you do, don’t forget to include all the various other accessories that make modern tech life both possible and glorious:

☐ Selfie Stick
☐ Waterproof Smartphone Case
☐ Headphones
☐ Gamer’s Headphones
☐ Earbuds
☐ Smartphone Case
☐ Tablet Case
☐ SD Cards for Photos
☐ Flash Drive
☐ Screen Cleaner & Microfiber Cloth
☐ Cord Organizer

Taking vacation snaps without a Selfie Stick? Unthinkable! (Image:


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