Wearable Tech’s Shining Night at the Met Gala

By Phill Powell

It’s fashion’s biggest night and this year, the Met Gala shone even brighter – thanks to a massive infusion of creative energy from wearable tech.

Wearable tech helps fashion shine at the 2016 Met Gala, with star power from celebrities like Rihanna. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The event’s theme, “Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology,” gave a nod both to fashion that’s handmade (manus) as well as that produced by machine (machina).

Designers addressed the theme in many ways. Some attendees wore garments that actually performed tech functions, while others modeled dresses that could have only been produced because of today’s tech explosion.


The red carpet was strictly A-list, with celebrity designers represented by famous models, singers and actresses:

• The evening’s best reviews belonged to actress Claire Danes, who mesmerized everyone in a dazzling light blue Zac Posen gown that reminded onlookers of Cinderella’s dress to the ball.

That sense of enchantment only grew stronger when the show lights were dimmed and the gown became self-illuminating. Adorned with shimmering LED lights, this dress became the talk of the evening – proving to be a real stunner whether its lighting system was “switched on” or not.

Nobody captured the eye at this year’s Met Gala like Claire Danes, wearing a gorgeous gown that blew everyone away once the lights were down. (Photo Credits: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images (left), Instagram/@zacposen (right))

• Model Karolina Kurkova’s dress also lit up, but most interest involved the tech used to make her beautiful white gown. Design house Marchesa supplied IBM with past examples of their designs, which were entered to IBM’s Watson supercomputer. Then Watson really went to work, actually designing a Marchesa dress based on what it had learned about their style.

The creation it produced was a true work of art, containing intricate pattern work. And for that cool tech touch, this gown also contained LED lights, activating different colors based on the intensity of Twitter chatter.

Karolina Kurkova’s dress not only contained computer technology in its LED lighting; the gown was actually designed by IBM’s Watson supercomputer! (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

• Another actress who captivated the crowds was Nicole Kidman, who was dressed to thrill in a striking black and silver dress and cape designed by Alexander McQueen.

Kidman’s dress honored tech by saluting space exploration. Her outfit was like a view of space, complete with jeweled crescent moons and showers of stars.

A “heavenly” creation worn by actress Nicole Kidman. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


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