DMA Tech Watch: Hoverbike created by YouTuber-Plumber-Inventor Colin Furze

By Joanna Doubleday

Welcome to DMA Tech Watch, where we review the biggest news and tech trends on our radar. This week, we’re taking a more in-depth look at one inventor who has grabbed our attention: Colin Furze.

Colin Furze's latest invention: The Hoverbike

Colin Furze’s latest invention: The Hoverbike. (Image credit: Colin Furze, Facebook)

Take that, Back to the Future! If Colin Furze has his way, the hoverboard will be a thing of the past, before we even get it. We awoke this morning to visions of Furze’s newest creation, the Hoverbike, streaming through our newsfeeds.

Furze is known as a garage-bound inventor, creating things straight out of comic books and live action movies – the Flamethrower Scooter, the JET-GoKart, and who doesn’t want a Cake O Matic?! He’s a little bit MTV’s Jackass and a whole lot genius – but claims that “in reality I’m just a plumber.

To his YouTube subscribers – all 2,753,320 of them, to be exact – Colin Furze is an inspiration. To us, he’s proof that “you should try stuff even if you think you know the outcome,” as he says about his latest crazy invention: the Hoverbike.

Shaking up personal transportation: Colin puts the Hoverbike through its paces.

When carmaker Ford asked Furze to participate in its Unlearn Project and to rethink the idea of personal mobility, he turned to his huge following to ask what he should build and the response was overwhelming: The world wants him to fly!

The Hoverbike was built, like all of his other inventions, out of his own garage and using only “tools that proper engineers would laugh at,” off-the-shelf parts and his creative vision…and by knowing how to ask for help.

The only thing we love more than the Hoverbike is Furze’s philosophy: that anyone can do, build, and make anything that they set their mind to. He makes it clear that he doesn’t know everything. But what he does know is how to ask questions. And clearly with his latest invention, he’s questioned the status quo of personal mobility.

To learn more about what Colin Furze is up to in his garage, visit his website and subscribe to his YouTube channel!


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