DMA TECH WATCH: DMA Wows Crowds at Washington Tech Event

By Phill Powell

Welcome to DMA Tech Watch, where we review the biggest news events and tech trends now on the radar. Here’s what we’re watching as of April 18, 2016:


All the kids are going wild for virtual reality. Have you experienced it yet?

While the U.S. tries to decide what president to send to Washington, our crew from DMA has been winning hearts and minds in the nation’s capital at the USA Science & Engineering Festival this past weekend.

The DMA team – led by Rachelle Harding and Shane White – thrilled attendees with tech demos and cool contests.

“Families flew in from all over the country to attend,” says Rachelle. “We spoke with parents from Ohio, Kentucky, Maine, Texas and many more states…and even a few other countries!”

According to Rachelle, our booth had a non-stop line of kids, teens and (even) parents wanting to explore VR by trying on an Oculus Rift headset and learn about Java programming. “Saturday and Sunday were open to the public and we saw massive crowds from beginning to end,” she tells us.

With all the booths, demos, hands-on fun, stage talks and concerts, this was truly an engaging and memorable event. We’ll see you all at the next USA Science & Engineering Festival!


Yahoo had hoped to become a content provider, like Netflix or YouTube. Unfortunately…

There’s no “FOR SALE” sign out in the huge front yard yet, but industry analysts are now predicting that Yahoo is about to be sold to the highest bidder.

The last decade has been brutal for the Sunnyvale, Calif. company, which has shuffled through five CEOs during the last ten years. Also, Yahoo’s attempts to become a content producer like Netflix and YouTube have stalled, and the company’s been carrying a losing $32 billion stake in Alibaba.

Bids were due on Monday for the former giant, which still draws more than a billion web hits a month. But the handwriting’s on the wall. Who might buy Yahoo? Could be Google, while other industry voices mention Microsoft…


LinkedIn brings social media to job searching. Now it’s got a special app for students trying to establish themselves.

Most everyone with some relation to the U.S. job market already understands and uses LinkedIn, which applies some Facebook-style social media to a site that’s primarily about employment.

But while LinkedIn is a great showcase for workers who’ve been at it for a while, what about college students who are trying to land that all-important first job after graduation?

Glad you asked. Thanks to LinkedIn Students, you can leverage a lot more job-getting resources than just the names and contact info of potential employers.

By entering your educational information, the app will offer helpful hints about contacting certain college alumni who might be able to supply you with good advice, as well as hook you up with job connections.


The next WWDC is just around the corner…

It’s been revealed when Apple will hold its next Worldwide Developers Conference. Turns out it’s going to be held June 13th through 17th, as revealed by our favorite informant, Siri.

We’re not completely sure yet about the choice of venue, although history says it will end up being held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. More details as they develop.


For light-show spectacle, nothing can rival the Aurora Borealis, as glimpsed from space. (Video: NASA)

Finally, in case you were thinking cool light shows were the sole domain of LED panels, here’s some proof from NASA that shows outer space is the best seat in the house when it comes to mind-blowing visuals.

Astronauts regularly get to see the massive aurora borealis that bring wild swatches of neon-like color to the vast blackness of space.

Now thanks to this Ultra-High Def video from NASA, we can all get an eyeful!

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