Final Day for Digital Media Academy’s Spring Savings!

By Phill Powell

There’s no time to waste!

You’ve only got today left to save big on tech-camp tuition to Digital Media Academy. That’s right – today is the final day for DMA’s Spring Savings!

Just register today for a DMA tech camp, course or academy and you’ll save $50 right off the bat. And if you have more than one kid to register, great! You’ll keep saving with each registration. (In fact, there’s no limit to the number of discounts you can rack up.)

DMA film production students get hands-on experience using professional Canon cameras.


In addition to saving a nifty 50 bucks on camp, registering now assures your kid or teen a place in one of our tech-camp learning experiences.

Reserving a spot in camp is extra-important this year, because DMA is seeing amazingly strong registration numbers for our 2016 camp season. It’s DMA’s 15th year delivering premium tech-camp experiences and in addition to curious new students, we have a large number of returning students who keep coming back summer after summer.

There’s another reason to register now: So you won’t run any risk of being put on a waiting list, should the course of your dreams fill up entirely. At DMA, we keep our class size small so we can offer a low student-to-instructor ratio that ensures more hands-on attention for each student.

This summer, we can not only show you VR, but we can teach you to design game levels to use with it!


DMA is about taking the natural creative curiosity of kids (ages 6-12) and teens (12-17) and introducing it to the changing and challenging world of tech. Our students do it all – from discovering how to design incredible apps to mastering music production to exploring game design.

If you want to study subjects from tech’s cutting edge, we have you covered. Check out our cool camps and courses in today’s hottest subjects…like 3D printing and virtual reality.

For girls who are into tech (or who want to get into it), DMA has a fantastic new initiative called Made By Girls – featuring special tech courses for female learners, taught by female instructors. It’s a cool program that personally enriches students as it educates and inspires.

And you can register for any of these awesome camps or courses right now, through DMA’s easy registration system. Do it today and save $50!

Summer 2016 is only a couple of months away. Lock down your plans for the summer learning experience of your life, at DMA!