FINAL DAY! Pocket $75 with DMA Winter Savings Special

By Phill Powell

You’ve got only one more shot at the year’s biggest camp discounts.

It’s the last day of Digital Media Academy’s Winter Savings special. For parents who want to save on DMA tech camp tuition, this is it!

Register for any DMA camp, course or academy and save $75 off the tuition. But it has to be today.

The deal is simple: Reserve your child’s place in one of our Summer 2016 camps or courses by or before 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time) tonight. When you do, you’ll get $75 off the regular price.

And there’s no limit on how many discounts a family can take. For those with multiple kids or super-ambitious children who take more than one camp, these savings can really add up.


For 2016, we’ve added new courses in virtual reality, 3D printing and more!

Our Summer 2016 schedule offers a full slate of exciting new tech courses, including cool courses in virtual reality and wearable tech. Selection is prime right now, making it the perfect time to lock in your kid’s choice of camp. Do it now so you can make sure your child gets to take the course they want.


You know your kids will be plugged in this summer. But will they be learning something useful?

As a parent, you know how summer works. If kids don’t have a clear plan on how they’re going to spend their vacation, the time can slip away from them. You want them to have fun, but wouldn’t it be great if it could also be landmark summer? Book their registration now and they’ll have a plan of action.


You’re going to feel so good once you’ve gotten your kid’s camp registration booked.

As a mom, you know how parenting works. You juggle competing priorities and it’s your job to find the most sensible solution. Once you book your kid’s summer learning adventure with DMA, you’re going to experience the best sense of relaxation, as you know you’ve laid the foundation for a super summer.


There’s one more reason to register now for DMA tech camps (besides wanting to save money on tech camp), and this one really takes priority over all the rest: Because DMA is a wonderful way to illuminate your child’s creative passions and test your kid or teen’s true interest in those passions.

A week at DMA is important not only for how it can unlock a sense of creative discovery within your child. It’s also essential – especially these days – because of the information the experience will provide you as a parent.

Before you start thinking about college (with all its hefty expenses), wouldn’t it be a good idea to make sure of what your child’s interests? Plus, seeing how they react within a pre-collegiate setting will show you how they’re progressing as growing young adults.

Are your kids ready for the DMA learning adventure of a lifetime? Aren’t you?

Register today…and save!