DMA: Making a Tricky Transition Easier

By Phill Powell

A summer session at Digital Media Academy gives kids and teens many things. For starters, there’s the tech knowledge and skills that comes from discovering today’s hottest STEM subjects.

For kids on the cusp of high school, DMA provides enormous personal support. And parents agree!

Then there’s also the permanent memories youngsters make as they have the summer fun of their life. At DMA, we never forget that our campers are there to have a fantastic summer camp experience.

And then there are the treasured friendships that spring up between kids who have similar creative passions – friendships that can last decades.

But there’s another thing that a DMA summer gives kids: confidence.


While DMA has tech camps and courses for youngsters from 6 to 17, a great percentage of our students find themselves nearing that awkward transition between middle school and high school. It can be a scary time, as a kid tries to make that tricky transition into their high school years.

And that’s where DMA comes to the rescue…

When kids spend a week at one of DMA’s summer tech camps, they get an injection of pure confidence. It’s confidence well-earned, too – the kind that comes from suddenly realizing that they are able to take today’s sophisticated tools and create something cool that reflects them and their personal interests.

Students usually leave their session at DMA with more personal poise and an increased ability to rise to new challenges. Kids who graduate our program also know they can function away from home and be on their own, meeting new friends and finding their way.

There are other benefits, as well. We hear from pleased parents, who tell us about improved test scores and how tech is helping to bring their child out of their shell.

Something great happens inside a kid who completes a DMA tech camp or course: confidence.


Summer is coming and so is another opportunity for your child or teen to benefit from DMA’s incredible, hands-on instruction. Our program has been honed over 15 years and our curriculum is designed by experts who understand how to impart complex technological concepts to young learners.

The time to get your child on-board a DMA summer is right now, when there are still plenty of spaces in your kid’s favorite tech camps. Plus, we’ve launched new DMA locations at some of America’s most impressive colleges and universities.

It’s going to be a great summer at DMA. Will it also be a breakthrough summer for your child?

DMA Winter Savings are still in effect. The time to register is now!