DMA in Action: Pennsylvania’s Young Innovators Fair

By Phill Powell

The new year got off to a great start for tens of thousands of Pennsylvania’s young techies this past weekend. They were in Oaks, Penn., to attend the Young Innovators Fair, which encourages kids to explore STEM-related activities and careers.

Kids came from all over Pennsylvania to get their tech on…at the 2016 Young Innovators Fair.

There were lots of hands-on activities at the two-day event and DMA was there, too – joining an A-list lineup that featured more than 100 organizations and companies, like Google and Pixar.

Attendees toured a variety of exhibits about different areas of science and technology – including biotech, aerospace and earth sciences.

The Young Innovators Fair also contained some 40 hands-on attractions (including our own), where attendees could learn by actually doing cool things.


As a provider of STEM education, we were glad to be there to represent our celebrated tech-camp program.

And expo attendees seemed glad to participate in our compressed tech workshops and demonstrations.

“Our goal there was to provide students with fun activities to spur their interest in STEM courses,” said DMA Regional Director Paul Lopez. “And to encourage them to follow that path by hopefully enrolling in our 2016 tech camps, where they can continue their journey of discovery this summer.”

DMA was capably represented by three all-star staffers: instructor Dillon Kenniston, camp director Jessica Perfetto and TA Noah Rubin.

Our staffers showcased mini-demos for show attendees of some of our best-loved tech courses, including 3D Printing, Programming, Minecraft™, and Engineering & Rocket Science (electrical engineering).


Attendance at the Young Innovators Fair was strong, averaging around 10,000 visitors per day.

The DMA booth was swamped at times and busy throughout, with several hundred attendees stopping by to chat and take part in cool interactive activities.

We quickly ran through our supply of DMA brochures and T-shirts, which were distributed to demo participants.

Frankly, we couldn’t accommodate all the attendees who wanted to take part in our activities, as several folks indicated in their comments to us.

Interest in our demos was so great that empty slots on our sign-up sheet didn’t remain that way for long!


Here are our Top 10 favorite (and actual) comments left by participants who visited the DMA booth:

  • “This was so much fun!”
  • “Very interested in having my daughter attend your program.”
  • “Great experience”
  • “This is really cool and fun. A lot of the activities are booked, but that means that they are fun!”
  • “Very exciting”
  • “We enjoyed this activity. It is a great way to get kids to appreciate science.”
  • “Neat programs!”
  • “Booth is very cool!”
  • “My kids would have loved to do a workshop, but you were full. :(
  • “THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!”

It was great to see parents getting excited about tech, right along with their kids.


We attended the Young Innovators Fair because we believe in the event’s mission of bettering young lives through technological progress.

That’s the same mission that drives us at Digital Media Academy as we focus on delivering the world’s best tech-camp experience. It’s available this summer at two great Pennsylvania locations: Bryn Mawr College and the Univ. of Pennsylvania.

Our students master any of a number of today’s most in-demand tech skills. Beyond that, they graduate with enhanced problem-solving skills, increased collaborative abilities and a true and earned sense of accomplishment.

And with new courses in ultra high-tech subjects – such as 3D printing, wearable tech and virtual reality – DMA continues to raise the bar for all summer tech camps.

Discover just how creative you can be. Make it happen this summer at DMA!

Find out more online, including how to take advantage of our super DMA Winter Savings.