Coming Soon: Digital Media Academy’s ‘Success Story Week’

By Phill Powell

Next week: Digital Media Academy’s tech news page will feature a week’s worth of DMA Success Stories.

Each day, we’ll give you an encore look at a kid or teen whose life was changed positively and dramatically this year by attending one of DMA’s tech camps, courses or academies.

Melanie had a great summer at DMA. Discover what she discovered at DMA!

You’ll read impressive stories of young people getting inspired and mastering today’s hottest tech skills.

At DMA, you’ll find cutting-edge subjects – including wearable tech, virtual reality and 3D printing. Plus great camps in app development, robotics, filmmaking, music production, animation and more.

And if you’re a girl into tech, DMA has you covered with its Made by Girls classes that are specially designed for female techies.

Join us this coming week for interviews with DMA students, and discover how you (or your child) could really benefit from DMA!

What led this teen to take three DMA courses this past summer? Find out next week!