DMA in Action: Spreading the Message of ‘Hour of Code’ 2015

By Phill Powell

This week, to celebrate the positive tech message of the Hour of Code, our instructors and curriculum developers have been spreading the word about programming.

DMA’s Billy Srouji and Marcus Duvoisin talk tech with 5th graders at Bishop Elem. in Sunnyvale, Calif.

We first told you about DMA supporting HOC last week, mentioning that Assistant Curriculum Developer Marcus Duvoisin would be visiting with groups of 5th graders in Sunnyvale, Calif., at Bishop Elementary School.

Today, Duvoisin interfaced with those young learners, attempting to spark an early interest within them about coding.

The reasons behind HOC involve the inability of America to keep a large enough tech workforce in place. “We need to do this because there are so many unfilled computer-based jobs out there,” said Duvoisin.

The goal of the HOC? For each kid in America to try coding for only one hour.


At Digital Media Academy, we think more kids should be coding, both during the school year and (especially) during their summer vacation.

Our one- and two-week programming tech camps and courses are structured around an immersive learning experience.

There’s something for every age group:

  • Young Kids Kids age 6 to 8 are invited to join our Junior Adventures tech camp – premium programming tech camps for young kids.
  • Kids Slightly older children, age 8 to 12, take part in our Adventures camps – which focus on programming, robotics, game design and more.
  • Teens Older students (12 to 17) are well served by our programming courses. We offer 13 programming or app development courses, including six academies. Subjects include everything from app development for iPhone to Arduino robotics and game design.

Assistant Director of Curriculum & Instruction Marcus covers programming topics during HOC 2015.


Check out our programming and app development tech camps and courses. You’ll discover why DMA has been so successful at showing young people how to do the impossible through technology.

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