DMA TECH WATCH: HOC, Made by Girls & a ‘Star Wars’ Xmas Light Show

By Phill Powell

Welcome to DMA Tech Watch, where we review the biggest news events and tech trends now on the radar. Here’s what we’re watching as of December 7, 2015:


For the U.S. to produce qualified workers tomorrow, kids and teens need to start coding today.

The hour is finally here. The “Hour of Code,” that is. The special weeklong celebration of all things programming began today, with activities all over the nation to commemorate the event, which seeks to get every school-age child to spend at least one hour – just one hour – coding, so they can see for themselves how easy and fun programming is.

The Hour of Code, sponsored by, is a project that has been embraced by U.S. politicians of every party, who worry about America losing its competitive workforce.

DMA supports the Hour of Code and encourages young people everywhere to get into programming. (We can show you how, this summer at one of DMA’s tech camp locations.)


MbG Women in STEM Dec 2015 (104 of 142)
Girls didn’t just hear about tech at the Made by Girls conference; they got to try it on for themselves.

We’re very proud of Made by Girls, DMA’s push to get more girls interested in tech. This past weekend, MBG really strutted its stuff, sponsoring an interactive symposium on women in tech at The Girls’ Middle School in Palo Alto, Calif.

“A Conversation with Women in STEM” brought together distinguished speakers – each of them a pioneer in some type of STEM industry. Companies represented included Intel, DreamWorks, NASA, Google, Apple and Unity Technologies.

After the panel, each woman was able to meet the girls in smaller groups and share demos of their work, play some of the games the girls made, and talk about college, friendships, hobbies, and cool projects. MBG rocks! (Look for a full wrap-up about this event back here later this week.)


Director J.J. Abrams’ fresh take on the biggest franchise in movies opens December 18th.

…tick…tick…tick…T-minus 11 days and counting…tick…tick…tick


We like what we just read on TechCrunch.

While tech news site TechCrunch busies itself this week with its TechCrunch Disrupt London conference, the site itself today reported something we found very interesting.

In his TechCrunch post on ePortfolios, writer Ryan Craig lays out a strong case for electronic portfolios of student-created work, and how they could be used to predict whether a potential employee would be a good fit with certain industries.

“Employers can look beyond the degree to spot patterns across student work, assess its relevance to workplace demands and use predictive algorithms to parse competencies and match candidates to job descriptions,” says the article, which we agreed with plenty.

(At DMA tech camps, in many courses, students assemble ePortfolios of their work, which can be showed to college admissions staffs and future employers.)


And here’s your moment of holiday zen…all plugged in, switched on and ready to go.

And finally, a little winter wonderland, tech-style. It’s all LED and all too cool to believe. Enjoy…with season’s greetings!

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