Tech Movie: ‘Print the Legend’ Perfectly Replicates 3D Printing

By Phill Powell

This weekend, if you’re looking for something interesting to stream online, check out Print the Legend, a fascinating 2014 documentary about 3D printing, produced by Netflix Films and now on Netflix.

Print the Legend captures the personalities and business behind the phenomenon of 3D printing.

The movie (directed by Luis Lopez and J. Clay Tweel) does a good job of capturing an accurate snapshot of an industry on the rise, which contributed to the film winning a Special Jury Award at the SXSW Film Festival 2014.


Here at Digital Media Academy, we’ve been telling you about this breakthrough technology for some time, because we teach 3D printing at our summer tech camps. Our instructors have even taken 3D printing technology “on the road” and showcased it in action at various middle and high schools.

DMA instructor Marcus Duvoisin puts a 3D printer through its paces, with students looking on in awe.


At DMA, it’s hard not to be excited about 3D printing, because it’s such a popular course and our teen students (ages 12-17) love it.

Our 3D printing tech camps put you at the controls, giving you the chance to design cool objects, then use 3D printers to execute your design. And voila! – you’ve just created the next “gotta-have” 3D-printed product.

We’re not leaving kids out of the fun, either. Our kids 3D printing camps break some of the more advanced concepts down for young learners who want their chance to see what they can make with 3D printing.

3D printing is starting to take the world by storm. Come find out why for yourself at DMA tech camp locations across the U.S. and Canada.