Wearable Tech: Fashion’s Wild New Frontier

By Phill Powell

If you want to add another amazing talent to the list of things 3D printers can do, here’s one: Change fashion trends.

We’re talking about wearable tech – where fashion and technology intersect, with fascinating results. Consider the work of Israeli artist Noa Raviv:

Only the socks appear conventional: the exciting look of Noa Raviv’s computer-assisted fashions.

Raviv utilizes computer-assisted designs that are carried out by 3D printers. Her work is bold, experimental – sometimes even bizarre.

And it’s getting her noticed as among the first in a “Neo Wave” of fashion designers who use the best tech has to offer to illuminate and radicalize the garments they design.

Many other fashion designers are incorporating cool electronic circuitry to infuse their creations with magical lighting. The results can be extremely memorable and even hypnotic:

The human wardrobe as light show, thanks to wearable tech.


If you’re a teen girl age 12 to 17 who’s interested in fashion design and also intrigued by the cool things that tech can do, maybe you should consider spending part of this summer at Digital Media Academy tech camps.

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Especially because this is one of DMA’s Made by Girls classes, reflecting a new initiative we’re hoping will encourage young women to take their rightful place in the tech world.

Perhaps you could be the next Noa Raviv and set the world on fire with your creative vision. Who knows?

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Maybe it’s time you got behind the hottest trend in fashion – wearable tech!