What’s the Best Time to Register for Summer Tech Camp?

By Phill Powell

“What’s the best time to register for summer tech camp?”

Picking out a summer tech camp can be a fun, bonding experience for parent and child.

It’s a question that parents are always trying to figure out. And there are several things to consider – such as family finances, vacation plans and student interests.

Sound parenting depends on good timing. And now is the time when super-sharp parents are booking their kids’ summer tech-camp experience at Digital Media Academy tech camp locations across the U.S. and Canada.

These parents don’t want their kid (age 6-12) or teen (12-17) to miss out on the learning adventure of a lifetime. Our camps are where creative interests can be explored fully and parents can discover how serious their youngsters are about tech subjects.

Wearable tech is just one of the hot new tech trends covered in DMA’s updated course offerings.


There are three primary reasons why it makes sense to go ahead and confirm a kid or teen’s summer tech-camp plans at DMA:

1. Class selection is never greater than right now. We have just announced our new lineup of classes for the 2016 DMA camp season, so there are more spaces in class available right now than any other time. (But they won’t remain available for long, especially in our most popular camps and courses.)

2. Discounts are presently at their maximum amounts. Our Holiday Savings Season has officially begun, bringing with it the year’s biggest discounts on camp tuition. That means parents can save $100 on each camp registration they make by Dec. 21st. For families with multiple kids who want to attend DMA tech camps, those savings can really add up.

3. Registering offers enhanced peace of mind for Mom. We know how Mom is. She’s always planning ahead for her family. Going ahead and determining a child’s summer plans is one more thing Mom will be delighted to cross off her long list.

Parents love what a DMA summer experience can do for their kids.


Next summer is going to be an amazing time at DMA tech camps throughout North America. Excited young people will be learning about cool tech topics like app development and robotics and discovering what they can achieve and create with the right tools and guidance.

Reserve your child’s place in camp by Dec. 21st and save $100 off their camp tuition. You’ll lock in their reservation and you’ll also be saving money, too. And that feels pretty good any time of the year.