Congressional Coding Challenge: Get Your App Recognized!

By Phill Powell

Hey, coder! Here’s a cool contest just for you…

Want to get public recognition for apps you create? The U.S. Congress wants to help!

The U.S. Congress is sponsoring an app development contest called the Congressional App Challenge, and winners who create the most impressive app will be officially recognized by Congressional representatives, in official sessions.

As an honor, it’s the kind of distinctive award that would look awesome on a college application, having a member of Congress officially cite the app you create. Plus, it would look fantastic on job applications, too.


The Congress is so hot on coding right now because the government has identified that this is a crucial tech activity where America lags behind other countries.

It’s been determined that it’s in the interest of the U.S.A. for teens to master key coding skills and become technically proficient.

The U.S. Congress wants to recognize the best in teen apps, and encourage more teens to code.

Find out more with the official Congressional App Challenge website. And get ready to dazzle the Congress with your app development skills!

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