Nintendo Mobile Game: When Will It Arrive? What Will It Have?

By Phill Powell

The game world got more mixed signals from the Nintendo empire this week when the game giant announced at an investors’ meeting that its much-anticipated smartphone game – its first game specifically made to address the exploding mobile game market – would be delayed until Spring 2016 (probably releasing in March).

Miitomo features adorable avatars that you design and which interact with other avatars.

But although a production delay often signifies a problem with the game, in this case the new release date could just be a reflection of Nintendo’s stated goal of making this a global launch. After all, they have released enough pix and info about the new game to show it’s very far along in its production development cycle.


This is what we’ve picked up so far about Miitomo, Nintendo’s first smartphone game:

  • Name: Miitomo
  • Translation: “Mii Friends”
  • Technology Utilized: Mii Interactions
  • Cost to Play: Free Initially/In-app payments possibly?
  • Release Date: Probably March 2016
  • Helping Create Game: Game maker DeNa, which specializes in mobile games
  • Other Planned Apps: Ninetendo says it will launch five game apps on or before March 2017

There’s been some industry speculation that Miitomo bears a resemblance to a 3DS game called Tomodachi Life, which also involved an avatar and involved a heavy social media angle where avatars can meet, become friends…perhaps even fall in love and produce offspring.

Smartphone users are clamoring for a Nintendo game…but they’ll have to wait until early 2016.


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