How to Appear in Comic Strips as a Superhero

By Phill Powell

Now here’s an app that really knows what we want: Just upload your own photo and it builds a superhero comic strip around you. All we can say is: It’s about time.
The free Comic Studio app lets you import photos, then add cool extras, like sound effect balloons.

The app is called Comic Studio and the price can’t be beaten (because it’s free on Apple’s App Store). It’s a perfect time for the app to be released – right before Halloween. With this app, you can upload pictures of you in your Halloween costume.

Build the Metropolis Around You
The process for using Comic Studio is simple enough. First, you import photos of yourself into the program, then you select backgrounds to go behind your image, including wild character backgrounds like you usually only see in comic books. Then you can add other cool comic book effects, like speech and thought balloons. Presto! Instant comic book, with you starring as the superhero.


Comic Studio was developed by Seedling and is now available through the App Store. The app is free, but some additional content packs that are available carry a small cost to import and use.

The new world runs on cool computer apps that make modern life easier, better and (in the case of Comic Studio) more fun. There’s a great future in app development for people with the right training and skills.

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