Are All Millennials Really Hooked on Social Media?

By Phill Powell

A common perception is now under fire…

The idea that all Americans in the 20-to-35 age bracket (the generational group known as “Millennials”) are constantly caught up in using various forms of social media is now being called out by a new research poll conducted by Ipsos.

The new survey findings suggest Millennials don’t use social media that much…or do they?

The findings came from social media survey data assembled by Battery Ventures, an investment firm, which took the information Ipsos gathered in August 2015 through a sampling of more than 1,200 American adults in the Millennial demographic.

The Surprising Results

Here are the main conclusions from the Ipsos poll about Millennials’ use of social media:

  • Most Have FB Account: Approximately 89 percent of those surveyed had an active Facebook account.
  • …But Do They Use It? Of those respondents who have Facebook accounts, 27 percent report that they only use FB once a week, or even less often.
  • Half Silent on Snapchat: More than half (54 percent) of respondents indicated they don’t have a Snapchat account.
  • Partial Interest for Pinterest: A full 41 percent of respondents didn’t have a Pinterest account.
  • Too Beat to Tweet: A whopping 39 percent of those surveyed are not active on either Twitter or Instagram.

The Logical Conclusions

A quick reaction to these new polling results might lead you to think that social media (and its use by Millennials) has been overblown through media hype. But, depending on how you choose to read the results, a different picture emerges.

For example, although it’s surprising that 39 percent of Millennials surveyed aren’t using Twitter or Instagram, the other way to read that data is that 61 percent of respondents are using one or both of the popular programs.

Likewise, if 27 percent of FB users only access the program once a week, that means that 73 percent – an overwhelming majority – of FB users are using Facebook more than once a week.

So, despite interesting findings, the findings still confirm that as a generational trend, social media is indeed something that Millennials have embraced wholeheartedly. The usage of some type of social media service is widespread through this group, and will continue for the foreseeable future.

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