iOS 9: 5 Best New Features

By Phill Powell

Once upon a time, the launch of an update to an existing operating system was hardly considered newsworthy. But that was then and this is now…and these days, everybody seems excited about Apple’s iOS 9 update.

Like you, we’ve been wondering just what the new update would contain for users. We’ve found five enhancements that are really blowing us away, and which we can’t wait to see in action:

Slide Over

iOS 9_slide_over
Multitasking gets even easier with Slide Over, which lets you open a second app while you continue using the first one. Sudden intrusions become less irritating as they become easier to process and then dismiss. No closing one app, then opening the second, etc. This one is a real time-saver.

Split View

iOS 9_split_screen
Split View takes Slide Over to its logical conclusion, by letting users keep two running apps on screen concurrently. Convenience-wise, this is another goldmine for app users who use their device for research and recording. With Split View, we’re going to be doing a lot less cutting and pasting.

Picture in a Picture

iOS 9_picture_in_picture
Ahhh…and now the cherry on the cake. Picture in Picture technology is nothing new to TV users, whose flatscreen sets usually offer the feature. But now it’s on your iPhone or iPad. So you’re dashing off an e-mail to Aunt Sally while catching the latest Sons of Anarchy episode. And life is good…

Easier Text Selection

iOS 9_text_selection
Familiar with multi-touch gestures? You will be, soon, because of the ease it brings to text selection. With it, you can control the cursor on your iPad by using two fingers to select, edit or move text. Like most of Apple’s “touch” innovations, it will instantly become understood as the natural way of doing it.

Improved Security

iOS 9_improved_security
Apple’s added more heft to iOS 9’s security defenses: The passcode has been strengthened, which should better guard against unauthorized use. Apple claims that these security enhancements do not come at the expense of added inconvenience – just make it more difficult for you to get ripped off.

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