The Top 10 App Developers to Work For

By Phill Powell

As vocations go, app development is red-hot right now. It’s easy to see why:

Approximately 85 percent of all people using a smartphone right now are using an app (according to June 2015 data released by Forrester Research). That means the demand for apps is at an all-time high…and growing.

The Top Players

App development is a dynamic and fluid industry, with an ever-changing cast of characters. So it’s important to note that the following list (compiled by the 10 Best Design website) reflects only what’s happening right now.

You’ll also notice that many/most of these firms are located in the New York area, a holdover from advertising’s glorious past. (These are the new advertising titans of the Digital Age, after all.)

As you’ll see, most of the firms that specialize in app development also work in web design.

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain’s impressive client list includes heavy hitters like the NFL and AOL.

Location: New York, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: A power player in every sense of the phrase, Blue Fountain specializes in delivering website design, online marketing and mobile app development services. Like many of the firms on this list, Blue Fountain Media positions itself as a digital marketing agency. Also like most of the other companies listed, Blue Fountain Media specializes as much in web design as app development. The client roster includes big outfits like the National Football League and America Online.

Big Drop Inc.

Big Drop excels in creating clever client animations. For its website to promote the Lily camera, Big Drop animated this snowboarder, who travels across the screen.

Location: New York, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: Big Drop knows how to use tech to perk up its design work for major clients. Big Drop is especially recognized for coming up with cool animations for enlivening websites. (For example, its website to promote the Lilly camera contained animated snowboarders zipping across screen.) Other clients include Lunar Toy Store, Instamacro and Synergy.

Lounge Lizard

One of Lounge Lizard’s recent projects was a case study completed about a Total Connect Apple Watch that manages various Honeywell home functions, such as thermostat control.

Location: New York, N.Y., Long Island, N.Y., Los Angeles, Calif.,
Why It Ranks: Lounge Lizard is strong in advanced tech. The company is richly experienced in mobile app development, wearable tech, web app development and brand strategy. Lounge Lizard Design works closely with manufacturing giant Honeywell, providing services on a number of their accounts, including a recent case study about a Total Connect Apple Watch that works in conjunction with Honeywell home-management devices.

Huemor Designs

A jet-packed astronaut is on-hand for the main page of Huemor Designs’ website.

Location: Long Island, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: Huemor specializes in building, “high-end digital and brand solutions that are strategy-driven, artfully designed and elegantly engineered.” Huemor Designs works with many big-name clients, such as NBC Sports. According to its website, the company serves 14 different industries and won 21 industry awards during 2014.


EIGHT25MEDIA’s app-development clients include the Ultra Music Festival, billed as the world’s largest celebration of electronic dance music production.

Location: San Francisco, Calif.
Why It Ranks: Forget the crazy name for a second; EIGHT25MEDIA does some of the most creative work in the app-development arena. And it gets results: EIGHT25MEDIA boasts of an average conversion rate increase of 200 percent for most clients. Located in Fremont (near San Francisco), the agency prides itself on its Silicon Valley roots, as well as on the more than 500 websites it claims to have built. The company lists its main offerings as mobile application development, web design and development, search engine marketing and UI/UX design.

Hudson Horizons

Home furnishings manufacturer Duralee is just one of Hudson Horizons’ commercial clients.

Location: Saddle Brook, N.J.
Why It Ranks: Hudson Horizons (also known as Hudson Integrated Web Agency) lists its specialties as design, development, digital marketing and inbound marketing. The client list for Hudson Horizons ranges from manufacturers like Duralee home furnishings to benevolent agencies such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Inflexion Interactive

Inflexion’s work on Sabra’s website design won it industry accolades.

Location: Hoboken, N.J.
Why It Ranks: Inflexion has worked for some big names, such as hummus-maker Sabra, for which it won awards (for creating a social media-enhanced Sabra contest that went viral). In fact, Inflexion Interactive has a wealth of top-drawer clients, such as Sony, the Mayo Clinic, Rutgers University, Sotheby’s, Hartz and many others.

Forix Web Design

Forix designed this Hydrogen Tools app for the U.S. Dept. of Energy, to provide fuel-cell info to the public.

Location: Portland, Ore.
Why It Ranks: Forix has created a variety of apps for clients both national and regional, estimating the number of apps launched as 59. In addition to that, Forix Web Design claims to have launched 766 websites. One of those 59 apps was a super-cool Hydrogen Tools app that Forix created for the U.S. Dept of Energy. The app delivers information about fuel cells to the public using the app.

Konstant Infosolutions

The TaskClone web app is just one of many cool apps made by Konstant Infosolutions.
Location: New York, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: A truly international app-design firm, Konstant Infosolutions maintains offices in the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Konstant Infosolutions claims a repeat client ratio of more than 60 percent. The company also offers e-commerce online solutions, in addition to website design, iPhone app creation and search engine optimization.


Dotlogics rubs shoulders with some pretty big clients, such as McDonalds, for years the great white whale of American advertising.

Location: Westbury, N.Y.
Why It Ranks: When Dotlogics builds websites for clients, it uses advanced architecture and programming languages like PHP, Ajax, HTML and CSS. Clients of Dotlogics include McDonalds, Brown University and Diamond Lighthouse, and the firm says it’s developed more than 200 apps in all for its clients.

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