Digital Media Academy’s Endless Summer

By Phill Powell

Summer’s fading fast. You just had the time of your life attending a Digital Media Academy tech camp at one of the many fantastic DMA camp locations across the U.S. and Canada.

But now you’re back at home. And how does this summer’s super-creative DMA experience fit into your daily routine of homework, video games and violin lessons?

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to keep those summer creative passions alive all year long:

Compete in a Maker Faire


Maker Faires rock and DMA has been following them for years. But where “maker” activities were once the exclusive domain of private clubs and organized events, now there are plenty of high schools that promote such activities. Bottom line: If your school offers you a free place to build your fire-spitting robot, take it.

Take an Online Course


Now that you’re DMA alumni, you’re eligible to take part in Digital Media Academy’s DMA Online learning experience, which offers you a trio of great classes presently, with many more DMA Online courses on the way. DMA Online lets you learn at your pace, according to your personal schedule. It’s the fastest way to get up to speed, based on your speed.

Start a Coding/Robotics Club


Why wait for others to make the first move? If your school doesn’t already have a recognized club for robotics or programming, suggest to your teachers that you should start one. Coding clubs can enter programming contests and those who want to learn robotics can have huge fun running their own robot-battle tournaments.

Register for Next Summer’s Camps


If you attended camp this summer at Digital Media Academy, you’re probably already planning to come back again next summer. And we hope you do. So much so that each fall DMA presents its Alumni Special discount pricing for all DMA alumni. The Alumni Special offers the best rates on DMA camp all year and only lasts for a limited time. Check it out…

All Summer Long

It may seem strange to be talking about summer camp in the early fall. But next summer will be here before you know it.

At DMA tech camps, kids (ages 6-12) and teens (12-17) will be tackling today’s hottest tech subjects. They’ll be discovering how easy it is to master coding. And making their own digital movies with professional filmmaking equipment. And exploring animation, music production and other cool subjects.

Next summer is right around the corner. Will you be ready to make it count? Find the answers at DMA.