YouTube Gamer is Google’s Twitch TV

By Phill Powell

Twitch TV is the popular live-stream gaming portal – the site had over 100M unique monthly views in 2014 alone. Gamers flock to the website for video game walk-throughs, speed runs and quickly growing eSports competitions. Twitch had virtually no competitors in the space, until now.

After trying to buy Twitch, (but was outbid by rival Amazon) Google has launched its own streaming video game destination, called YouTube Gaming.

Twitch-ing for a Fight
Google (which owns YouTube) will compete with Amazon’s Twitch by taking advantage of all the recorded game video content that exists on YouTube, which encompasses 25,000 different game titles.

The new site will also offer tips to gamers on titles they might enjoy playing, based on their gaming history. It’s also expected to be easier to livestream games on YouTube Gaming.

Press Start
To get started on YouTube Gaming, visit the web site and follow the setup process. YouTube Gaming supports PlayStation 4, the Wii U and the Xbox One, although you will need a video capture device.

Once you’re on, you’ll enjoy both game streaming and live video streaming, as well as the chat feature and video archive, provided by YouTube.

Launches of mobile apps for the portal will follow the release of YouTube Gaming.

Grudge Match
Google is eager to carve out a slice of the pie that Amazon’s been enjoying with Twitch, which recently scored a massive viewership of 2 million users – for the 2015 League of Legends tournament.

Games also have their own channels in YouTube Gaming. (Image: YouTube / Google)

The game industry is massive – worth $93 billion worldwide in 2013 – and getting even bigger because of apps, streaming and competitive gaming. In competitive gaming, anyone can get in on the action.

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