10 Tech Skills That Help You Get a Six Figure Job

By Phill Powell

in the modern workplace, how long you’ve worked at a company is a secondary consideration. Because your skill set is everything – defining not only who you are but how much you earn.

The right tech skills are your golden ticket to a great career.

This is especially true in the exciting and always changing world of technology, where having the “right skills right now” puts you on an immediate fast track to success.

With the right skill set, you could be making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year working in a richly rewarding field – while still relatively young.

High Tech Skills
Possessing any of these specialized skills is like finding a Wonka-style golden ticket, except that instead of a chocolate factory, these tech skills could land you a six-figure salary and get you inside the doors of companies…like Google, Yahoo and other tech giants.

Skill: Hadoop Programming
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: Hadoop (from Apache Software) is the straw that stirs the drink as far as “big data” goes. It’s open source software that deals in moving and storing huge amounts of data. Learning Hadoop can get you involved with other big data programs like Flume, Hbase and Pig.
Annual Salary: $121,313

Skill: Data Science
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: Formerly known as “data analysts,” data scientists come in all stripes. Some are devoted to marketing, while others concentrate on the tech side of things. Just about any company that deals with huge amounts of data is probably in need of data scientists.
Annual Salary: $116,936

Skill: JDBC Programming
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: App developers depend on Java, so anyone who can learn Java programming is setting themselves up for success. Oracle’s JDBC is a branch of Java that helps apps connect to databases, and it’s much in demand.
Annual Salary: $114,234

Skill: ABAP
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: ABAP (or Advanced Business Application Programming) is a language developed by SAP and used at high levels of business operations at companies everywhere. According to one source, salaries for ABAP-related jobs have climbed by nearly 25 percent – during a single year.
Annual Salary: $124,262

Skill: Database management
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: Anything to do with the handling of large amounts of data probably has strong earning potential, especially if the manager can work with traditional databases (that use structured query language) as well as noSQL databases, which are gaining in popularity.
Annual Salary: $114,100

Skill: Cassandra Cloud Systems
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: One of the more modern noSQL database, Cassandra is open source software that is becoming the choice for developers of mobile or cloud apps. Its active users include Apple and Netflix.
Annual Salary: $128,646

Skill: PaaS
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: What’s hotter than cloud computing, right? That’s where PaaS (Platform as a Service) reigns supreme as a way for developers to create apps that exist on a PaaS cloud once they’re written.
Annual Salary: $130,081

Skill: Chef
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: IT automation is a huge and growing field. It’s all about “DevOps,” which occurs when developers work in close conjuction with IT staffers, approaching a shared goal of smooth software implementation.
Annual Salary: $123,458

Skill: Data Architecture
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: Data architects can write their own ticket; the employment service Dice recently had more than 36,000 openings for data architect jobs. Data architects design and implement plans for data storage and transfer.
Annual Salary: $118,104

Skill: UML
Why It’s a Tech Golden Ticket: UML (or Unified Modeling Language) was created as a way to translate complicated software designs into diagrams that can be more easily grasped.
Annual Salary: $114,372

Because programming is so intuitive, kids can start mastering programming basics very early.

Tech Jobs are the Future
These examples show there are a wealth of good-paying jobs available in technology-based industries. Computer-based industries are where the money is now…and where it will be in the future. Get started writing your own golden ticket today!