What Other Planets Besides Earth Could We Live On?

By Vince Matthews

Eventually, Earth will be inhabitable. It’s true. Science tells us that eventually (millions of years from now) our sun will burn out, making our solar system an unlivable place of cold and darkness. Or we could get hit by an asteroid, which might wipe the whole planet out. That could happen tomorrow…

Recently, scientists discovered Kepler 186f – the first Earth-sized exoplanet in a habitable part of space.

The stark truth is, for humanity to continue to thrive, we must find and colonize other planets.

The Mars & Kepler Generation
NASA has taken to calling the upcoming generation the #marsgeneration, implying that this generation could be the first to colonize Mars. Elon Musk’s SpaceX has gone as far as creating Mars travel posters to inspire future generations of space travelers.

Recently, scientists discovered Kepler 186f, an Earth-sized exoplanet that could also host life. But there are other planets we might be able to live on as well:


Space, the Final Frontier
With the discovery of Kepler 186f and other Earth-like planets, we may find ourselves living on another planet within the next hundred years. Space exploration is a growing industry and learning about engineering and rocket science is a perfect place to start a career in aerospace science.

NASA is continuing an aggressive push into space and with private companies like SpaceX, the future looks bright for future astronauts. Technology camps like Digital Media Academy can help prepare your kid or teen for the future…a future that might take place on a planet, far, far away.