When Will iPhone 7 Come Out?

By Phill Powell

The iPhone is an incredibly popular smartphone, and for good reason. Apple is always innovating within the space it defined. A healthy app store and robust music platform also helped Apple sell over 100 million units in the first half of 2015 alone.

The upcoming iPhone will stick fairly closely to the iPhone 6’s dimensions, only 0.2mm thicker and 0.15mm taller.

You may want to wait before you rush out for yours; Apple is rumored to be releasing a new iPhone this year. Here’s what to expect:

iPhone 6S or iPhone 7?
Will the next iPhone be considered a 7 or a 6S? Industry insiders have said Apple’s new phone will carry the 6S branding (because it does not represent enough advancement to be called an iPhone 7). Insiders also say Apple will release a larger model of the smartphone called the iPhone 6S Plus.

Rumored release dates include August or September due to an abundance of available parts from Apple’s suppliers, which allowed production to move faster than expected. Most industry observers, however, have predicted a September product kickoff, with a September 25th delivery date.

iPhone 6S / 7 Features

Expected Retail Price: $649
Operating System: iOS 9

  • iPhone 6S Processor: Samsung will manufacture the new iPhone’s A9 processor, which is rumored to be 15 percent smaller, 20 percent stronger and 35 percent better at conserving power than the current processor.
  • iPhone 7 Processor: Industry rumors suggest Apple would rely upon a Qualcomm-produced LTE chip to power an iPhone 7. This would help the battery last longer, since the chip uses less energy than the one currently used in the iPhone. A Qualcomm LTE chip would double the phone’s 4G speeds, too.
  • Twin Cameras: The new phone will have two 12MP rear cameras, to support the phone’s HDR mode with increased sharpness. The new cameras will not enable 3D pictures as some had hoped, but will generate 4K video and a 240fps slow-motion video feed.
  • iPhone_6s_rose_gold
    It’s expected that Apple will offer a rose gold edition iPhone, reflecting the recent look of the Apple Watch.

    • Front Camera: There will also be a front-facing camera, most likely a 5MP camera that has a flash, supports 1080-pixel video as well as slow-motion and panorama modes.
    • Side Speakers: Expect to find a speaker mounted into the left and right sides of the phone, for big-theater sound and a peak movie-watching enjoyment.
    • Sliding Volume Controls: The traditional volume buttons will be replaced by a touch sensitive panel with a simple slide control.
    • No Headphone Jack: You won’t find the usual headphone jack on the new phone. Instead, you’ll use a Bluetooth-enabled listening device or the Lightning port to deliver your tunes.
    • No Home Button: The new phone will not have the traditional Home button, but will instead rely on touchID technology.
    • Big Screen: Partly because of getting rid of the Home button, the new phone will be able to deliver 1080-pixel resolution.
    • Big Body: The new phone is expected to be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6, as well as 0.15mm taller.
    • Body Construction: It’s possible that the new phone will use the Series 7000 aluminum alloy – the same material used on the Apple Watch Sport. Another possibility: a Liquidmetal body.
    • New Colors: We won’t be shocked if some of the iPhone 6’s color palette changes for the new phone…like the new gold phone looking a bit more yellow. Also, the space gray color is expected to deepen on the new phone. Plus: new colors, including rose gold and pink.
    • Display Sizes: The new phone may try to cater to different display preferences, with a 4.7-inch screen on the new phone. In addition to the jumbo-sized iPhone 6S Plus (with a 5.5-inch screen), there is some talk that there will be an iPhone 6C model equipped with a 4.0-inch screen.
    • More Durable Screen: Apple has joined forces with Foxconn, which has been producing more rugged, sapphire displays for the new phone.

    Say goodbye to that tired old headphone jack. On the new iPhone, remote-speaker sound will be exported via a connected Bluetooth device or through the iPhone’s Lightning port.

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