Korg Revives Classic 70s ARP Odyssey Synthesizer

By Vince Matthews

Introduced in 1971, the original ARP Odyssey synthesizer defined the 70s sound. From dynamic wooshes to vibrant funk cords, the all-analog ARP was used by such artists as Elton John, Kraftwerk and Herbie Hancock. ARP closed in 1981 but thanks to KORG, ARP’s most-praised keyboard is now back in production.

Korg’s updated ARP Odyssey features MIDI capability and recreates the classic sounds produced by the original.

Elton John’s “Rocket Man” was just one of the classic songs to feature the original ARP Odyssey. The synth was also used to create soundtracks for horror films. And even though it was widely praised by musicians, when ARP went out of business, working units were hard to find.

KORG secured the rights to the name and technology and has introduced the KORG ARP Odyssey, which accurately and faithfully reproduces the sounds of the original.

The ARP 2600 was released in 1971. Musicians like Stevie Wonder used it to make music.

While the original ARP Odyssey came in three versions, each with a unique tone-coloring filter, the new KORG model incorporates the original three versions of the synth into one awesome keyboard. The KORG ARP Odyssey sells for $999.99 and is more compact (for today’s desktop music production) than the original – and features MIDI capabilities.

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