What Will Space Exploration be Like?

By Vince Matthews

Ever wondered what watching the sun rise from the surface of Jupiter might be like? Or BASE jumping from the cliffs of Mercury? Space exploration for the masses is decades away but the promise of interstellar travel and what it will be like keeps us looking toward the stars.

In the short film Wanderers, filmmaker Erik Wernquist uses computer graphics to reproduce actual locations in our solar system. The film takes us on an amazing trip through our solar system.

Wanderers is a film that imagines just that. Using real photos and planentary maps created by NASA, filmmaker Erik Wernquist takes us on a trip through the solar system. The film is based on realistic tech and features narration by famed astronomer Carl Sagan.

The Scenic View
Although there’s no underlying story, the film still paints a pretty realistic view of space exploration. Wernquist knows how to make a short film. He borrowed ideas from science fiction authors like Arthur C. Clarke to provide a glimpse into the future that is both wonderful and inspiring.

A closer look at the rings of Saturn…

…and a space walk over Jupiter, as seen from inside an orbiting ship, are just a few of the sights you’ll see in Wanderers.

Prepare for Lift Off
Wanderers is a futuristic vision of our expansion into space, and while the images are computer-generated, someday they could be real. For kids and teens who want to reach the stars, Digital Media Academy’s tech camps and summer courses are the prefect place to start their journey.