A FIFA First: ‘FIFA 16’ Features Women’s National Soccer Teams

By Phill Powell

They’re now “in the game.” For the first time ever, Electronic Arts is adding female soccer players to its mega-popular “FIFA” soccer games. Not only will the cover of FIFA 16 showcase Alex Morgan, one of the stars of the 2015 women’s U.S. National Team (which made history by capturing the World Cup), it will also feature players from 12 women’s teams.

Soccer powerhouse Alex Morgan will appear on the U.S. cover of FIFA 16, alongside Lionel Messi.

Sharing the cover with Morgan is Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona, considered the best male player in soccer. Messi shares the cover with Morgan on the U.S. version. However, Christine Sinclair will appear on the Canadian version of the game and Steph Catley will be featured on the Australian one.

Morgan, who played video games growing up (Mario Party was a favorite), sees it as a great opportunity: “It’s going to tremendously help the women’s game in creating more awareness.”

FIFA 16 features the stars of women’s football, including USA’s Alex Morgan, England’s Stephanie Houghton and others.

The Best FIFA Yet
The addition of women’s soccer to FIFA 16 is just one of the updates to the most successful soccer video game franchise:

  • Welcome, Ladies: For the first time, you’ll be able to play as women’s national teams, with 12 teams to choose from. Play in kick-off, offline tourney or online-friendly matches.
  • Better Defense: Stronger defense starts with 25 changes to mobility and locomotion tracking, adds swing-step behavior and finishes with new defensive AI that makes your teammates act more intuitively to stop attacks. Plus, new tackling mechanics and animations. Bonus: slide, standing and fake tackles.
  • FIFA_16
    FIFA 16 will please longtime fans who have wanted the game to feature improved defense.

  • Dominate Midfield: Teammates use enhanced intelligence to anticipate opponents and shut down the passing zone. And when you’re passing, you’ll experience a new system of ping-driven ground passes.
  • No-Touch Dribbling: Gives you better control when you’re away from the ball, like during separations and feints. Also, more authentic crossing.
  • Precision Control: Better placement of foot and ankle, so you’ll feel more precisely where the ball is struck. Overall kicking accuracy is improved, too.
  • FIFA Trainer: This mode teaches you soccer techniques while playing FIFA 16.
  • alex_morgan
    Unstoppable Force: When Alex Morgan isn’t on the pitch, she writes a series of best-selling soccer-themed novels for teen girls and also does some modeling.

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