A Short History of Moon & Mars Rovers

By Phill Powell

Even before humans first set foot on the moon, they had managed to put a vehicle there: For nearly 50 years now, mankind has been putting rovers into space for the sole purpose of exploring other planets.

Rovers were used extensively during the lunar exploration missions. Here Apollo 15 Lunar Module Pilot Jim Irwin uses one to collect geologic samples. (Image: NASA/David Scott)

In fact, as you read this, a couple of rovers are rolling along on the surface of Mars, collecting samples and sending back important scientific data from their travels. China even has a rover on the moon that’s still actively transmitting data and info.

Reach for the Stars
Getting something to another planet is a major feat of robotics and engineering. Rover technology demonstrates mankind’s reach for something better. Check out this overview of the current and future rovers exploring Mars and the moon:

Rovers have been exploring other planets for almost 50 years.

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