Apple’s Top Secret Projects

By Phill Powell

Apple, the Cupertino, California-based company, has a legendary drive for innovation. The Apple Watch is the latest gadget from the inventive minds at Apple – the company that created the iPhone. But some of Apple’s most interesting projects haven’t even been released yet…

Apple VR headset

What It Is: A Virtual Reality headset that works with an iPhone
Apple has made no announcement about a VR headset…but it has a patent for one.

Expected Release Date: ?
Inside Facts: Oculus Rift, Google, Samsung and Facebook and other virtual headset developers have been slugging it out in the VR wars. But that may change. In February 2015, Apple filed a patent for a virtual reality headset that would work with iDevices like iPads and iPhones.

a head-mounted display apparatus for retaining a portable electronic device with display.
– Apple VR Headset Patent Description

Project: Titan

What It Is: An Apple car
This business complex, in Sunnyvale, Calif., could be where the Apple Car is being built.

Expected Release Date: 2020?
Inside Facts: The question the world wants answered has to be is Apple building a car? Consider the evidence: In nearby Sunnyvale, Apple has either bought or constructed multiple facilities that could be ideal for housing automobile design and/or manufacturing facilities. Apple employees working at some of these locations have been instructed to turn their corporate ID badges around so they can’t be easily spotted.

Apple is clearly building a team. It recently hired Johann Jungwirth, a former Mercedes-Benz exec familiar with self-driving cars. Apple also consulted with Elon Musk in 2014. (Those conversations have never been made public.)

Apple’s hiring so many battery engineers from electric car battery manufacturer A123 Systems that the company has actually filed suit against Apple for depleting its engineering staff. Still not convinced? The company’s lead designer (Sir Jony Ive) is a noted car buff.

Apple TV’s “Skinny” Package

What It Is: A package of network TV channels offered through Apple TV
Apple clearly wants to help American TV audiences cut the cable cord…

Expected Release Date: September 2015?
Inside Facts: It’s called “skinny” because it addresses a consumer wish for a reduced number of channels – a handful of networks, like CBS, ABC and Fox – that cuts out the “upper tier” cable and premium channels (i.e., some channels that you probably never watch; think ESPN3) that are offered by cable outfits.

A customer purchasing an Apple TV subscription could get rid of their cable box altogether, and still get to see the channels they like most, via video streaming over the Internet.

iPhone 7’s Secret Camera

What It Is: A new, double-lensed camera for the iPhone
Industry estimates report that Apple has been researching multi-lens camera technology for about three years.

Expected Release Date: September 2015?
Inside Facts: A multi-lens camera for the iPhone could revolutionize picture quality on the iPhone. Apple has been researching multi-lens cameras since about 2012. And the company’s 2015 acquisition of LinX Computational Imaging was seen as a way to find solutions for areas where Apple’s camera development has been stalled.

Once Apple unveils the tech, analysts predict multi-lens cameras will become the standard among smartphones. Photography teachers and experts are already expecting amazing things from the photographs made with multi-lens cameras.

Expect to see photos that are considerably sharper than present pix, and which capture better images in low-light conditions.

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