Google Search Secrets: Tips and Tricks to Make You a Web Browsing Pro

By Ryan Koss

We use Google for just about everything these days. Whether you are looking for a good restaurant, a movie review or navigating your way home, the world’s most popular search engine has become the go-to tool for finding anything.


Google has made its search tool even easier to use. Now you can find what you need by providing answers to commonly asked questions at the top of the results page.

Start searching smarter. These tips and tricks will help you take charge of the world’s greatest search engine. You can even compare movies using Google. To access this and other cool features, you don’t need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer or mobile device. Just start your search on

Digital Dictionary
Know the difference between a gigabyte and a terabyte and stay tech-savvy with this digital dictionary.

With all of the gigabytes, polygons and file types, words can sound a bit confusing in the tech world. Lucky for us, Google has added dictionary-like functionality to help ease the confusion. To look up a definition, just add “Define” before the word.

Set a Timer
Time yourself and set some goals as you work with Google’s easy to use timer.

Whether you are cooking dinner or rendering 3D models, setting a timer can be a good idea. To create a timer using Google’s search engine, enter “Set timer to,” followed by your preferred amount of time.

World Clock
Programmers in Silicon Valley, London and Beijing can easily coordinate using Google’s world clock.

When you’re working on programming and app development with people from around the world, it can be difficult to synchronize time zones. Searching “Time in,” followed by a city, state or country, will quickly show you the current time anywhere in the world.

Show Flight Status
Late for your flight? Check ahead using Google’s real-time flight status updates.

Skip the airline’s website and simply search your flight status in Google. Google’s flight tracker updates in real-time. You’ll never miss a flight again.

Convert Currency
Stay on top of current currency values using Google’s real-time currency converter.

Traveling? With fluctuating currencies in the world market, converting exchange rates can be a headache. Let Google do the work for you: Enter the dollar amount, followed by the currency that you would like to exchange to.

Making Technology Work for You
To develop web applications like Google and games, extensive knowledge in java and app game development is required. Explore web design and application development for a future in technology.

Fortunately, Google makes its search tool available for free but other web applications are million-sellers – because more than ever, people need software to solve problems.