10 Easter Eggs, Trivia and Things You Didn’t Know About Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’

By Phill Powell

Pixar continues its winning streak with Inside Out. The film is blowing up the box office and we highly recommend you get to a theater to check it out. We love the film and its unique take on emotions. If you’ve already seen it, here are 10 things you might have missed in one of the summer’s most “emotional” films…

According to director Pete Docter, each emotion is based on an object: Joy – a star; Sadness – a teardrop; Anger – a fire brick; Disgust – broccoli; and Fear – a raw nerve.

1. Coping Mechanisms: Pixar insiders have stated the film isn’t intended to just be concerned with Riley and how her emotions influence her, but also how Joy comes to be able to co-exist with Sadness.

2. Riley’s Body Language: Before her family moves and her life is disrupted, Riley is always seen standing between her mom and dad, or inside the family. After the family moves, she’s seen standing outside of her parents. This is intentional, to show the personal distance Riley feels toward them after the move.

The character of Joy is voiced by Amy Poehler.

3. The Power of Joy: The character of Joy needed to have a visible inner glow. “Joy is not just a character,” one Pixar insider said, “But a light source.” That’s why Joy glows when she’s excited.

4. Custom Lenses: For this movie, Pixar developed lens sets that can be used as virtual production tools. The real world shots were captured using Cooke S4 lenses, while the shots inside the mind were photographed with Arri/Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses.

5. Emotional Rescue: Writers considered 27 emotions but trimmed that down to five (Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger). Each emotion is based on an object: Joy – a star; Sadness – a teardrop; Anger – a fire brick; Disgust – broccoli; and Fear – a raw nerve.

6. Precious Memories: One of the memory balls contains a scene from Up! (of Carl and Ellie’s wedding).

7. Finding Nemo: When Joy and Sadness are passing through Imagination Land, a board game called “Find Me” with a cartoon Nemo can be seen.

The Finding Nemo “Find Me” game sits atop a stack of games that includes “Dinosaur World,” a tribute to another Pixar film – The Good Dinosaur – which will release in late 2015.

8. Finding a Theme Park Attraction: In another scene in Imagination Land, Figment the Dragon from the Disney Parks attraction “Journey into the Imagination with Figment,” is seen in a pile of memories to be discarded. (Figment was almost entirely removed from the attraction in 1999 and brought back only after Disney fans raised a huge fuss about it…)

9. Hidden Mickey: The three buttons on the control panel form a hidden Mickey. The panel gets bigger as Riley grows up.

Disney fans will immediately recognize the hidden Mickey in the center of the console.

10. Home Sweet Home: Riley’s San Francisco home is a real residence, but has a different address. In the film, Riley lives at 21 Royal St. That’s also the address for a new private restaurant inside Disneyland’s New Orleans Square.

Here are even more secrets from the making of Inside Out.

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