The Most Hyped, Hottest and Anticipated Games From E3 2015

By Vince Matthews

The Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show (known as E3) taking place in Los Angeles is in full effect and, with more than 200 new games being introduced, there’s a lot to take in. Here are some highlights from the most hyped, hottest and anticipated games of E3 2015:

With battles that take place on Hoth, Endor and other “Stars Wars” locations, players will feel like they’re in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: Battlefront & Attention to Details
EA and developer EA DICE have been taking a pretty good beating from hardcore gamers who feel that Star Wars: Battlefront falls short. Noticeably absent is a single-player campaign, as are space battles, which for “Star Wars” fans is obviously a sore point. But EA hopes to reel in fans and hardcore gamers with other features – including the visuals, which look insanely good.

The battles, which take place on four planets, are played out in first or third person and give you that chaotic “you are there” feeling which “Star Wars” is known for. But the devil is in the details, and EA DICE is making sure the details are all there, too. From unique blasters for individual characters to the vehicle models, the developers raided the Lucasfilm archives for material and it shows.

Movie still? No, this in-game footage is from Star Wars: Battlefront.

The rebel binoculars in the trailer? They’re the Model TD2.3 electrobinoculars as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back during the Battle of Hoth. Snowtrooper outfits have been modeled on movie costumes. Add Force Push and other details like actual movie sounds and you’ve got an immersive experience that promises to be one of the most authentic “Star Wars” games ever created.

But, as we mentioned, there’s no single-player mode. The game instead focuses on multiplayer and working as a team to accomplish objectives. There are still opportunities for individual players to have those “hero” moments on foot and in vehicles like snow speeders, X-Wings and Speeder Bikes; you’ll just have to do them as part of a bigger campaign.

The game, which encompasses the original, classic trilogy, also gives players the opportunity to play as key franchise characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett, although players have to meet certain conditions in order to do that.

Expect it to be one of the hot titles for the next holiday season and with DLC (Downloadable Content) to up the ante on December 8, though if you (gasp!) pre-order the game, EA will get you the DLC on December 1.

Returns, Reboots & Remakes of Video Game Franchise Favorites
Among the games announced at E3, Kingdom Hearts 3 gives players a chance to hop on Disney rides (like the famous Teacups ride) and Nintendo’s Starfox Zero brings the classic shooter to Wii U with a head-scratching change in gameplay. (A chicken walker? Really Nintendo? Hmmm, okay…but we’ve loving the cockpit view on the Wii U Gamepad.)

Nintendo also unveiled Super Mario Maker, which lets players make your own Super Mario Bros. levels and play ones that players across the globe have made. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for Wii U, as well as more Nintendo games featuring their franchise greats from Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid and Yoshi, are all also coming.

Final Fantasy VII got a jaw-dropping remake and Lara Croft got a reboot. Rise of The Tomb Raider should make you want to go out and buy an Xbox One (the game will be a system exclusive) – while FF VII will make you want to buy a PS4 (it will be available on that system first).

The female Indiana Jones – Lara Croft – returns to small screen in an amazing action game.

Speaking of PlayStation, there was even a rumor that Sony’s orange marsupial, Crash Bandicoot, may make an appearance at this year’s E3, although he hasn’t yet. However, a remake of Ratchet & Clank did make an appearance. A new game will be created to remake the PlayStation classic and coincide with the release of the upcoming film of the same name.

The Sequels
Fallout 4 from Bethesda has gotten gamers into a heated frenzy since it was leaked a few days prior to the show.

Blowing up stuff in style is the hallmark of the “Just Cause” franchise, and Just Cause 3 is more of what we love in the best grappling-hook game ever. With more than 400 square miles of real estate to explore, destroy and fly over, JC3 is bigger, badder and better than ever.

E3 Gaming Surprises
Cuphead, from Studio MDHR, is a charming platform action game that looks and plays like a vintage Disney cartoon. It’s coming exclusively to Xbox One and PC.

Ubisoft’s For Honor lets you be a samurai, viking or knight. Developed by the same team responsible for the Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed games, For Honor is an entirely new IP (Intellectual Property) and a brutal battle game that will make you glad you live in a civilized age.

Ubisoft’s For Honor features “art of battle” gameplay, which is supposed to makes you feel every blow from hand-to-hand combat, all the while delivering the epic massiveness and chaos of a battlefield. It feels part Dynasty Warriors and part Civil War re-enactment – complimented with multiplayer and excellent game play.

Another unexpected surprise from E3 was the reveal of a new virtual reality headset called Star VR. Developed by start-up InfinitEye and recently acquired by Swedish game developer Starbreeze, Star VR offers a 210-degree field of view.

This illustration compares the Star VR field of view with that of other VR headsets.

Because the headset encompasses your whole field of view (other headsets like Oculus only cover a portion of that) Star VR offers true immersion. Star VR’s Walking Dead E3 demo is awe-inducing on sooo many levels. We can’t wait to play a round of Star Wars: Battlefront on this thing…

Where’s Nintendo’s NX?
Nintendo has already said it would not show NX and Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Amie confirmed it at E3. Nintendo’s new NX video game machine will supposedly be a dedicated game platform with a brand new concept. And we’ll get a glimpse of it in 2016.

The video game business is a multi-billion-dollar industry and innovations in technology have continued to push the medium to new heights. Learning how to make video games has paid off for developers like Studio MDHR and others. And, as this year’s E3 shows, ultimately it’s the gamers who win.