Follow the Digital Media Academy Summer Camp Story on Snapchat

By Michael Rosa

Digital Media Academy has a story to tell, and we’d like you to share it with you, on Snapchat.

It’s about how kids and teens learn about technology and use those skills to find their passions in robotics, computer programming, video games and app design. It’s about how the next Steven Spielberg could be making his first film at Stanford University. It’s about summer camp fun.

Snapchat is a photo & video messaging app where users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to friends. It’s fun to use and a great communication tool on the go!

This summer, DMA is using the “My Story” feature of Snapchat to update parents from camp.

Snapchat allows text, photo, and video sharing – but is different from other messaging apps.

How Does It Work?
Snapchat messages are brief “snaps” of fun moments (which last 1 to 10 seconds). Once a “snap” has been viewed, it’s deleted.

The idea is to get a glimpse of what your friends and family are up to – right when it happens. Users don’t have to worry about managing, editing, grouping and uploading their snaps the way they would with photos and videos on other social media sites. Instead it’s a constant stream of info, so users can focus on communicating. You could say Snapchat puts the social aspect back into social-media communication.

One feature (“My Story”) allows users to create photo/video montages. When snaps are added to “My Story,” they’re placed together to be viewed back-to-back, allowing friends to experience something like a short film or presentation.

These montages can be viewed an unlimited number of times over a 24-hour period, allowing followers to stay up-to-date with the user’s day. “My Story” allows for cool things like seeing everything at a trip to the theme park, the excitement of the Women’s World Cup Soccer game or the awesome activities at Digital Media Academy’s summer tech camps!

How Do I Sign Up for Snapchat?
1. Download Snapchat to you your Android or iOS device.
2. Install the app on your phone. Launch it and click the “SIGN UP” button.
3. Provide your email address, a password, and birthday to create a User account.

Bam! You’re on Snapchat! It’s as easy as that.

Stay connected with your friends and family all summer long with Snapchat.

DMA’s Snapchat Story
Digital Media Academy is using the “My Story” feature of Snapchat to keep parents up to date with the fun and learning that will be happening at camp all summer long.

We’ll have exclusive parent-student interviews, virtual campus tours, host miniature “Day-In-The-Life” stories of various staff members, and even showcase student projects like those built in our Academy for Robotics and Engineering course!

Add DMA_org on Snapchat and stay up to date with what’s happening at Digital Media Academy camp this summer!

As the summer progresses, we hope that you’ll feel just as much a part of the DMA community as your child who is enrolled in one of our incredible tech courses. Be sure to add us on Snapchat at DMA_org to stay connected.