Meet Ayah Bdeir: Founder of littleBits

By Ryan Koss

“How do you make electronics modular, scalable and creative?” That was the question that littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir sought to answer. While solving that problem, she created a company.

Connected by magnets, littleBits teaches the fundamental concepts of electronics in a fun and creative way. Developed by Bdeir, littleBits is changing the way kids (of all ages) interact with and learn about technology.

Engineer, interactive artist and a prominent proponent of the open-source hardware movement, littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir. (Image: littleBits)

“I didn’t plan to start a company. I just became obsessed with solving a problem,” says Bedeir, who (after earning a Master’s in Science degree at MIT) began teaching graduate courses at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and Parsons’ New School for Design.

From that experience, Bdeir began to focus on the aspects of technology that drive community and collaboration. The idea for littleBits came from there.

littleBits, Big Ideas
With littleBits, Ayah Bdeir is helping to redefine the electronics DIY movement. What are littleBits and how do they work? littleBits is a system of small, electronic modules that can be connected using magnets to create circuits. With over 60 modules available and many more to come, there are countless ways to design and create a circuit that works for whatever project or idea you may be building.

littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir discusses the importance of programming and engineering during her TED Talk. (Video: TED Talks)

Bdeir envisions a world where makers can create unique prototypes, devices and inventions without the need to wire, solder or code. This shift in ideology can also be seen in other introductory programming courses and engineering tools, like MIT’s Scratch.

Engineering Made Easy
littleBits and Ayah Bdeir want you to help create the future. As a teaching tool, littleBits is committed to sharing the designs of its circuits with the world to help creators of all ages discover their passion. To create your own electronic modules at home, download the littleBits circuit designs for free.

littleBits modules are the building blocks for today’s generation. With the ability to magnetically connect a growing library of electronic modules, founder Ayah Bdeir has found success as she inspires creators to reinvent the world around us.

Digital Media Academy uses littleBits to teach kids electrical engineering in its Adventures in Engineering and Rocket Science tech camp.