Is LEGO Worlds the Next Minecraft?

By Phill Powell

Minecraft™ is the world-building game. You can build anything in MC’s virtual sandbox and the game itself has crossed traditional video game boundaries, both as electronic entertainment and an educational learning tool. Now LEGO® – a company known for world-building – wants to see if it can duplicate Minecraft‘s success.

LEGO® Worlds is the virtual world-building game from Denmark’s beloved LEGO. It’s the first credible challenge to Minecraft‘s DIY empire.

The name “LEGO” comes from the Danish phrase “leg godt,” which means “play well.” The makers of LEGO Worlds hope to offer almost as many limitless types of gameplay as traditional LEGOs, combined with all the things we loved about a game called Minecraft.

Although key features such as multiplayer will be added later, LEGO Worlds is nearly complete. The game is currently available for download via Steam’s Early Access program. Like Minecraft, LEGO Worlds enlists your help in building incredible new worlds and then playing games within those environments.

Lego_Worlds_building_optionsThe game’s multi-tool gives you different LEGO building options for shaping and crafting your empire.

LEGO Worlds and Minecraft have some similar features – and some that are not so similar. For example, in LEGO’s game-builder there are LEGO vehicles players can pilot (including dragons).

The games developer Traveller’s Tales has extensive history with LEGO video games and maintains a focus on great gameplay, as well as detail and authenticity. So expect interactive virtual LEGO sets based on LEGO’s most classic sets, such as Pirates and LEGO City.

LEGO Worlds’ Features

Lego_Worlds_buildingsLEGO Worlds will also use building design as a key game feature, a hallmark of Minecraft’s success.

    • Trea$ure! Find hidden treasure, while you explore wild and intense environments.
    • Cool Rides. Move through LEGO-themed areas on a variety of vehicles and/or creatures…from diggers to dragons and horses to helicopters.
    • Character Counts. And in LEGO Worlds, characters count even more, with plenty of customizable characters follow existing minifigs.
    • LEGO’s Blocks, Your Imagination. Players can use prefabricated LEGO structures, or build brick by brick.

How to Get Early Access to LEGO Worlds
Ready to start playing? Here’s what you should know:

1. The game is available through STEAM, a digital game-distribution service for downloadable PC and Mac games.

2. LEGO Worlds is safe for all ages. However, parents should know some STEAM content is rated Mature. (Parents can visit STEAM’s site to learn how to control a child’s STEAM experience.)

3. The game is in Early Access. So while the game is playable, it’s still in development and not all features are accessible yet.

4. Browse titles in Steam Early Access and look for LEGO Worlds.

Lego_Worlds_vehiclesLEGO Worlds doesn’t just offer buildings, but also super-cool vehicles, like a drill that can take you to the center of LEGO earth!.

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