Steve²: The DMA Studios Steve Jobs Student Movie

By Ryan Koss

Steve Jobs was a visionary who re-invented several industries – including the music and mobile phone business. He’s also the subject of several feature films, including Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher and the upcoming Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender as the firebrand CEO of Apple.

Steve Jobs is the subject of an upcoming feature film as well as a DMA Studios student production. (Image: Apple)

This past summer, students in the DMA Studios: Film Production premium experience also produced a film based on Steve Jobs. They captured the day Jobs and partner Steve “Woz” Wozniak completed the first Apple computer in Steve Jobs’ garage.

Welcome to the Crew
In DMA Studios: Film Production, students leave the traditional classroom behind and become members of an independent film crew.

Students work on location with professional actors, helping to develop the script and using professional lighting kits, sound equipment and Canon® professional HD cameras to make a short film.

The result is both rewarding and amazing. “DMA Studios taught my son how to manage a budget,” said a mother whose son attended DMA Studios during the program’s first year. “That alone was worth the price of tuition.”

In past years, students have created a wide range of unique films…from zombies who attend a university to a bike commercial for a San Francisco bike company Public.

DMA Studios taught my son how to manage a budget.
– Mother of DMA Studios student

Led by professional filmmakers, students discover what it’s like to work in the fast-paced environment of a real film studio. They work with real clients to meet real deadlines, all while experiencing the filmmaking process first-hand in a professional, pre-collegiate environment.

Meet Jobs & Woz
Set in the heart of Silicon Valley, Steve² follows a very young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as they set out to create what would become the world’s first Apple computer. The camera follows the two as they buy the last remaining parts needed for the computer and as they discuss their future plans:

Created by a team of students from around the world, Steve² is another DMA Studios: Film Production project where students collaborated to #CreateTheNext indie film. Like all of DMA’s teen film camps, Steve² was shot using top-of-the-line Canon Cinema EOS digital cameras. Students were able to take full advantage of Canon’s advanced imaging technology.

If you’re looking to get into the film business, DMA Studios: Film Production is the perfect place to start. It’s as close as you’d get to working for an actual independent film studio. And the results? Well, they speak for themselves.

On set: DMA Studios students went on location to make the shoot as authentic as possible. Here, inside a Silicon Valley garage that doubled for Jobs’ and Woz’s start-up, the actor who plays Steve Wozniak builds the first Apple computer.