How to Set Up Your Apple Watch

By Ryan Koss

Finally have your Apple Watch? Before you can start personalizing your new gadget, you’ll need to set it up. Fortunately, Apple has made the process relatively painless:

Setting Up Your Apple Watch

1. Open the App
Using your iPhone 5 (or newer model), open the Apple Watch app. Select your preferred language and scroll by using the Digital Crown or swiping the screen.

2. Connect Your Devices
Pair your iPhone with your Apple Watch. Tap “Pair” on each device to begin the process.
Setup made easy. Use the iPhone’s camera to pair it with your new Apple Watch. (Image: Apple Inc.)

3. Hold iPhone Above Apple Watch
Center the Apple Watch on your iPhone’s screen until you are notified that your Apple Watch has been paired.

4. Pick a Wrist
Tap left or right on your iPhone to select a preferred wrist.

5. Enter Your Apple ID Password
You’re almost there! Sign in and take advantage of the many apps available on Apple Watch.

6. Confirm Your Settings
Location services, data usage and Siri. Review your settings and customize your Apple Watch the way you want.

With Apple Pay, smartphones contain more personal information than ever. Make sure to lock up your device. (Image: Apple Inc.)

7. Secure Your Apple Watch
Using your iPhone, select whether or not you would like to set a passcode for your watch. With the introduction of new features like Apple Pay, it may be a good idea to lock it up.

8. Sync Your Favorite Apps
Reply to messages, receive calls and use the apps you create without taking out your iPhone. Sync all or just a few of your favorite apps from your iPhone and start using them on your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will give users a new way to interact with their favorite apps. Question: how do you develop apps for the Apple Watch? Answer: With creative ideas that can add to and extend the iPhone’s functionality to a wearable device! (The current Apple Watch doesn’t have a camera, but imagine the cool apps it would have if it did!)

Apple Watch Help Hotline
For general help with Apple-related questions, you can call Apple Customer Service at 1-800-MY-APPLE. Want 24/7 support for your Apple Watch? A three-year warranty? Or help setting up your new Apple Watch? Ask about the Apple Watch $1,000 protection plan. It extends the 90-day protection plan that comes with your Apple Watch.