Jurassic World Extended Trailer & Look at Indominus Rex

By Ryan Koss

Jurassic World will hit theaters June 12. In the meantime, audiences are getting closer looks at the mythical theme park and dinosaurs. We can’t wait. In fact, we created an exclusive extended cut trailer that reveals the most complete look at the film yet:

“You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea…” Chris Pratt plays dino-whisperer Owen Grady.

The newest installment in the Jurassic Park series gives more than a nod to the original classic and introduces an exciting new cast, led by Chris Pratt.

65 Million Years of Evolution
The other star of Jurassic World is the Indominus Rex. Never heard of the Indominus Rex? That’s because it was cooked up in the Hammond Creation Lab to help boost park attendance.

The scientists at Jurassic World set out to make Indominus “the most fearsome dinosaur ever to be displayed.” They succeeded.

Indominus Rex-Jurassic-world
Indominus Rex looks for its next meal…and churros and turkey legs aren’t on the menu. This animatronic creature was specially designed by Legacy Effects for the film. (Image: Universal Studios)

The dinosaur was really created using both practical and visual effects techniques. Like dinosaurs from previous “Jurassic Park” films, life-size dinosaurs are used on set for certain shots, while CGI beasts are used for establishing shots and when dinosaurs are shown moving through environments.

The original Jurassic Park changed the way movies were made, showing the world that computer-generated characters really could be the stars of a blockbuster movie.

Director Colin Trevorrow has his work as a filmmaker really cut out for him. Jurassic World is his first major film.

Check out the extended trailer and don’t forget to visit Jurassic World online before the film arrives in theaters this summer.