Sneak Peek at Apple Watch Built-In Apps

By Michael Rosa

As the clock ticks closer and closer to April 24 (when the Apple Watch will finally be released to the public), people are curious what apps will come with the Apple Watch.
Apple Watch will be available in three different models. All models feature the same built-in apps.

We’ve rounded up the built-in apps that were developed by Apple’s internal app development teams and come with every Apple Watch. And while these built-in apps aren’t much different from their iPhone counterparts, they’ve been creatively adapted for Apple Watch – and will become incredibly handy.

Settings App
An iDevice staple, Settings for Apple Watch isn’t much different than it would be on your iPhone. You can use Bluetooth, but the coolest feature here is that you can use the app to ping your iPhone if you’ve misplaced it.

Events App
Quickly get an update to your day with Events. Want to find out your next meeting? Use your voice to ask Siri what’s on the schedule, while using the digital crown to visually scroll through events.

Messaging App
Using your voice, you can send a message without typing a word. Just ask Siri to text a contact (just like on your iPhone) and then start dictating your text.

Maps App
Again, using Siri you can get both walking and driving directions, quickly and easily. Turn-by-turn navigation on Apple Watch brings up a map and directions are also called out audibly by Siri.

Music App
With 2 GB of storage (about 200 songs), all you need is a pair of Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favorite tracks. What better way to listen to the remix you created in the Academy for Music Production?

Activity App
Track your physical activity throughout the day, whether you’re aiming for those elusive 10,000 daily steps or just checking how long you’ve been sitting at your desk. Not everyone has time for the gym, but if you have the ability to move and are wearing an Apple Watch, you’ll know exactly how active you’ve been.

Passbook App
Like the iPhone app, Passbook keeps plane tickets, movie passes, coupons and credit/debit cards all in one safe place. With the Apple Watch app, you’ll be able to pick which cards to use for Apple Pay, even if you forget your iPhone in the car. Paying for your latte by holding your wrist up to a scanner? This is the future of convenience.

Apple Watch App Development
Apple Watch app development is almost the same process as app development for the iPhone and iPhone and uses the same development environment. Learning how to create apps for any mobile device, including Apple Watch, can be both rewarding and life-changing.

And with more Apple Watch apps being created by developers every day, the Apple Watch is gearing up to be one of the best tech gadgets for business, school, and ultimately, life.