The New Macbook: Release Date, Features & Specs

By Ryan Koss

When Apple introduced the Powerbook in 1991, it was the first laptop that offered users both performance and portability. As the machine evolved, it became the gold standard for mobile computing and caused other manufacturers to re-evaluate their product lines as well.

The new Macbook brings some of the most popular iPhone colors to your laptop.

With its iconic styling and solid specs, Apple had a genuine hit on its hands when it launched the original Macbook in 2006. Alas, in 2011, the white plastic-bodied laptop was pulled from store shelves, leaving the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro as the only alternatives for consumers.

The New Macbook: Features & Specs
With the success of the iPhone and iPad app development community, and with the popularity of netbooks, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Apple sees a bright future in the world of mobile computing.

Apple’s new Macbook (available April 10) has been redesigned from the ground up to maximize portability, style and performance.

  • Price: $1,299 & up
  • Operating System: OS X
  • Display: 12″ Retina display
  • Resolution: 2,304 x 1,440
  • Pixels: Over 3 million
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • Processor: Intel M processor
  • Connections: Wi-Fi- & Bluetooth-enabled
  • Size: 0.52″ thick
  • Extras: Full-size keyboard, layered battery design

Featuring a high-resolution, 12-inch Retina display and coming in at only 0.52 inches thick, the new Macbook is Apple’s thinnest laptop ever.

Powered by mobile-minded Intel M processors, the new Macbook is also fan-less. With this redesign also comes a brand new color scheme. Having evolved from the white and black polycarbonate body of the original, the new Macbook is made from aluminum and is available in silver, gold and a darker silver that’s called “space gray.”

The 2006 Macbook set the design standard for Apple’s laptops.

For Mobile Makers & Creators
Apple has reinvented the Macbook with you, the creator, in mind. Whether you are filmmaking with DSLRs or taking a DMA Online programming course, the new Macbook will help you take your projects to the next level.