Leaked Photos – Tesla’s New Product Revealed: Tesla Jr. Kids Toy Line

By Vince Matthews

Hold onto your mouse: Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and real-life Tony Stark, announced on Twitter that on April 30th, Tesla would announce a new product line…and it wouldn’t be a car. At least, not a car for adults.


Being located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we get to see lots of cool stuff before the rest of the world, including Tesla testing out its new Tesla Jr. product line in advance of the April 30th announcement.

Musk, like Digital Media Academy, knows parents have the real purchasing power – and the Tesla Jr. line of toys and accessories looks to be a real winner with them.

Tesla Power Wheels
Months of development have gone into Tesla Jr. and it shows. Tesla engineers created a super plastic and remolded the body of the Model S to give the little ones easier access into the Tesla Tike. This is a true set of Tesla Power Wheels.

For the Hyperloop Play Set, engineers took a refined polycarbonate binding and coated it on an aluminum-encased slide.

Of course, we can’t wait to hear Elon Musk actually tell us about these great new toys, but until then, enjoy the leaked photos of Tesla’s new product line.

The Tesla Tike can go from the front yard to the back yard on a single charge.

The car, which will be announced April 30th, is also expected to have a self-driving upgrade within a few months. A Tesla insider noted, “Kids probably won’t care about that option, though. Kids like to drive.”

Kids will love having a Hyperloop in their own backyard.

Tesla knows a thing or two about electrical engineering and we expect that these new products will showcase the latest Tesla technology.