How to Get Your Design Noticed: The Adobe Design Achievement Awards

By Phill Powell

Ready to make a big splash in the world of design? Get your best and most creative design noticed in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) 2015.

Adobe-Design-Awards-package-designCecilia Uhr’s clever package design for Whitebites dog chews was a 2014 finalist. (Rawhide chews are “teeth,” while the dog’s “ear” is used to display the package at retail.)

The awards cover three major design areas and 13 award categories. Grand prize winners in each design segment will receive cash awards of $1,000 or more, while winners can also receive Adobe software or mentorship awards, in which the winner gets free career advice for a year from a noted industry pro.

The contest requires that 50 percent of the project work be completed with an Adobe software program. Interested designers should get going: The first deadline is April 17, 2015. The top three finalists in each design group will be announced on August 28, 2015, with a final Grand Prize Media Segment Winner for each design group announced by October 8, 2015.

Visit Adobe’s website to enter the 2015 Adobe Design Achievement Awards ADAA 2015.

Interactive Media Experience

Web and Application Design: Show off your design skills with a website or app.
Video Game: Game designers are judged on game concept and design.
Exhibition: Interactive conference exhibits or kiosks.
Digital Publishing: Online magazines, electronic newspapers and ePortfolios.
Social Media: Social media campaign or design.

Animator Nai Wei Liu’s prize-winning “Something Important” shows that animated images don’t have to be artistically complex to carry an enormous impact.

Motion and Video Media

Animation: Character-based animation produced with CGI or visual effects.
Post-production and Editing: Video editing and production.
Motion Graphics: Film trailers, animated still images, commercials and PSAs.

Traditional Media

Illustration: Editorial illustrations, book illustrations, and scientific or architectural drawings.
Packaging: Showcasing inventive ways of packaging products.
Photography: Entries can be one picture, or up to 10 related images.
Advertising Photography: Submit up to 10 images, all designed to sell a product or represent a company.
Print Communications: Brochures, catalogs, posters and books.

Adobe-Design-Awards-photographyPart photo, part optical trick: Jingjing Shen’s “To Invent” won the 2014 ADAA Photography competition. Which examples of photography and design will win this year’s contest?

Adobe products cover many areas of creative expression, from photo editing with Adobe Photoshop to graphic design with Adobe Illustrator.